The Life

Sunday, 12. May 2019

It is counterproductive to desire things? Is the feeling of desire harmful? It intoxicated our soul? Desire is linked to emotions, some are struggling to fulfill those desires with tools that possess and others don’t care means to achieve its end. To where you want to go to stop?, I wonder once read this far, the desire is not enough to face new challenges, to grow, to be better ourselves, to advance on the winding road of life. Desire us continually invades everytime we see that car, that girl/or, that job, that House, that situation, it invades us the sensation of having it on our property, purchase, possess it. Desire is equal to the I’d, it would be nice, it would be ideal but not to want it to get to that feeling of I gotta get it, fight for it and I do. “Bernard Golden often says this. Wish things is not enough, we have that programmed in our minds things that we have to do to get it, structuring a map that will lead us to achieve this and face the two parts of our mind, which generate our internal conflicts, that part that says that you will make it and another that says what. Address to which cause the conflict will uncover many beliefs, false needs, subjects unknown even for us and the aim will be that each of them bring its positive part to work in a team and achieve the objective. You will discover as you might be able to join forces to get everything what they intend to opposing fronts perfectly coordinated. Has always been said that love is power and that is another phrase that we can bear in mind that situations of life are perfectly afrontables, if we knew some events in other parts of the world by anonymous people, events that occur daily and not reaching our ears we would realize that everything what we consider that us is sinking are nothing more than wishes unreached because we have allocated too long to imagine how it would be instead of living the same achievement, we have lost the life wishing rather than fighting for it and we have pulled a resource that many total people used to comfort us gives equal, wasn’t important. Dear friends I’ll pass the streetcar named desire and I hope the call I want to and I can original author and source of the article

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