The Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse Opts Well-managed Appointment Management

Wednesday, 17. December 2014

Optimized scheduling and improved time management at the Nospa Dusseldorf, 01.01.2011 – with the Lotus Notes groups calendar TimeFleX the IT specialists provide SDFE and IBM premier business partner Bucker GmbH (BIT) currently the sdirekt service of the Nospa the latest features of TimeFleX ready for the optimized scheduling and improved time management. The gradually widespread usage in the Nospa challenge is planned. The persons in charge of the Nospa decided for the conversion to TimeFleX because the service portfolio of the realtime groupware solution supports increasing efficiency within the appointment agreement processes sustainably at concurrent time / cost savings and lower server load, (where the appeal to the usual work in the OSPlus Portal is maintained). With access to the customer data OSPlus TimeFleX designed the manage of all schedules with Sparkassen customers as well as within the Organization simple and transparent. The free-agent group calendar expands the plus in customer service, the relevant personnel in their advisory and provide administrative function. Also on the basis of optionally expandable, customer-oriented appointment reminder via SMS. Among the innovations of TimeFleX: the interface to OSPlus: the TimeFleX group calendar is over (implementation of the interface) direct integration with the overall banking system linked to OSPlus.

About the input by customer name, account details etc. advisors can on OSPlus customer data quickly targeted access and appointments directly with the customer. (At any time expandable) automatic reminder to customers via SMS: It required an own SMS gateway nor link to the existing telephone system. About TimeFlex the consultant adds a reminder via SMS, which is at the same time also sent his customers as SMS. The technical implementation is done via secure E-Mail connection via an external provider. TimeFleX provides the General date tool for centrally and decentrally organized companies: the Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse plans according to their relevant area director administration, Mr Martin Lamp,.

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