The Plan

Tuesday, 30. January 2018

Ask questions, see what has been done before, see what there is on the Internet, do what’s necessary to have the expected success. Very well, then that we exhausted this process and we are ready to start, I recommend a new breath, a pause. Rest the idea a little more (whenever possible) and time to his mind his creativity to again go through the full process, put into the situation, view the event and the events surrounding the activity. Now we are ready to make a schedule, capturing black and white process in time. A method to do this is view the event and go from there to back up today. It’s like doing a retrospective starting in the future.

Well, come the day, nothing of fear, we have seen success in our mind and everything is successful in black and white too, get to work! It is often necessary to make minor modifications to the plan. Sometimes, things are different when it comes to the realization that what we had planned. Everything will depend on what as well have been tied los cabos in the planning process. On the other hand, if there are circumstances that warrant that you modify the date or always change the plan completely in the atmosphere It will be well justified so you will not be responsible for. These are decisions difficult to make, especially after having invested so much time and effort, but it is better to take a decision on time and not to the event fails in the achievement of the objectives. Finally, the event has been. Everything was excellent, decor, food and drinks, music, guests, all! congratulations! Well then, as they say in English: Rinse and Repeat! Original author and source of the article.

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