The Problem

Thursday, 17. October 2013

For those who are brash and cocky, go on. So you think you are sufficiently developed to guide themselves through reason rather than instinct? Do not you think that your self-confidence comic just because you are thinking at all and still the problem of laziness? After all, you Manage to even relatively recently to get rid of it and having a developed consciousness, your performance would be an outgrowth of times and now you would be engaged in something very useful, but not spent time reading to the text. Think about it. Whatever it was, let's continue. So now we have assigned themselves as people with a developed consciousness and desire to manage themselves independently.

What we need for this? Mindfulness and intention. Awareness. Every minute to understand what you're doing and why. Respect to this point we are now: not whether we are guided in our actions / idle laziness? Why do we refuse to perform any action? Was not a reason for not simply unexplained reluctance to act? Every minute and every moment we have to control yourself and be aware their motives and goals. Of course, it is not easy and requires a lot of work on oneself.

Combat will be devoted to a separate article. Now clear: as soon as we learn to be aware, we'll take the first step to victory over laziness. Intention. In principle, the question of intent, we touched on when making a choice, be attributed to a category of beings, instinct-driven, or controlled by reason.

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