The Prop

Sunday, 24. June 2018

Para execution of the load tests will be adopted processes that guarantee application of the load axially and that they prevent shocks or trepidations during its accomplishment. advisable the use of hydraulical monkeys, armed of bomb and manometer, opposing itself it a load of steady reaction? loaded box, anchorage, etc.? being advantageous to foresee itself, for bigger guarantee of the application of the axial load, a lozenge in the head of the monkey or the prop. A load will be applied in successive periods of training, not superior 20% of the probable load of work of the prop. S will be applied new load increment after verified the stabilization stresses of them, with maximum tolerance of 5% of it stresses total in the period of training, between successive readings; O assay, in case that it does not occur to the rupture of the land, will be drawn out, at least, until she is satisfied one of the two following ones conditions: 1.Observe one stresses total of 15 mm; 2.Atinja an equal load to a time and stocking the probable load of work of prop OBS: The reached maximum load in the assay will be kept, at least, during twelve hours, satisfied the conditions specified how much to the reading intervals. A discharge, whenever possible, will be made by successive periods of training, not superior the 20% of the total load of the assay, inside stresses being them of the precision of the measure. Os you stress will be measured, simultaneously, in two strain gauges, sensible to hundredth of millimeter, placed in diametrical opposing positions in relation to the axle of the prop. As readings will be carried through obeying the following one: 1.Em each period of training of you stress them to load will be read after its application immediately; 2.As subsequent readings will after process the following intervals of time: 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30 minutes; /1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

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