The Right Of Being Different

Sunday, 31. March 2019

There was once a child who could not see, was blind from his birth and lived in a small town where there was only one school. Cost to Rafaelito arriving at the school, because sometimes your MOM, who worked very hard, could not take it and left it at home, however Rafaelito every day learned to stay away from your home and return, driven by the number of steps, sounds, scents and voices he heard, while it helped his stick. So was that Rafi learned to go to school and return home, alone without help, rather than his own. One day occurred, that one of their classmates Jack, not returning to his home after school, his mother thought that we had been playing with his friends, as sometimes happened, however is towards night and Jack not arrived, MOM is worried and began to look for him, no wise friend of him. Rafaelito thought and thought, and suddenly said: I was this, where he raced to where her mom and told him: I is where this, but did not let him speak: it is already night, is dark, we will suspend the search until dawn, Rafaelito worried and Jack, you had fear of the dark, grabbed his cane and began to go to the old mining town, where coal is pulled so many years ago and where sometimes they would gather to play, he was guided by their signals and came There he heard crying to Jacky, who is glad to see his friend and together they returned to the village where everyone prayed to find Jack. To see them get all were happy and hugged both happy to see them safe and sound.The village was very proud of his hero, who would teach a lesson to all those who believed that Rafaelito was a disabled child. A disability is not a tragedy, is a drawback. .

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