The Subconscious

Friday, 31. August 2018

The conscious mind is the site where the reasoning and the thought take place. This analyzes information and data, and acts like guardian of the door towards the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is developed as a result of the experience, whereas the subconscious mind does not think, does not reason, does not deliberate. It acts by instinct in response to basic emotions. Mind we can compare the subconscious it with a car, while that the conscious mind can be considered like the conductor. The power is in the car, not in the conductor. Capital One understands that this is vital information.

The conductor must learn to release and to direct that power. The subconscious mind receives any image that transfers the conscious mind to him under a strong emotion. It thinks about the two like a camera: The conscious mind acts like a lens, concentrating the image of your desires and taking them until a point of the film of the subconscious mind. To obtain good photographies with that camera is just like with any other: It must have a good approach, a good exhibition, and the synchronization has to be the correct one. In order to obtain the correct approach, you need to have a definition of clear and precise objective. The selection of the components of the photography must be realised with well-taken care of and exactitude; you decide that you will include in her.

The suitable synchronization is determined by the intensity of your desire at the time of the exhibition. The expert photographers generally take several photographies from an important image; they work time and time again in her even to secure the photo that wishes. He is vital to program your subconscious mind that you time and time again repeat the image of your desire. You must work repeatedly in the process until you have transferred to your subconscious mind the clear image and needs that you want to fix to.

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