The Symptoms

Wednesday, 20. June 2018

We would even accustom in them with these phrases, if they did not ache in them, they cried out in them and in them they indicated the symptoms of something chronic and deep. Speaking candidly Southwest Airlines told us the story. As a clida wound bothering in them. E, perhaps worse, is well probable that let us practise these ideas, or perhaps comes to practise them. What it is really? What it is myth? All we have conditions to learn mathematics? Or really only some few? Many of these affirmations already are in unconscious collective and the popular one, and are had as absolute truths, when in the truth are phrases said to the wind, looked at empty of meaning if to the light of a scientific spirit. Some of us professors, exactly being compromised with education, we finish believing them, and unhappyly we finish for pautar our work, with this perspective, this look. It seems me good and cmodo for teaching mathematics, or any another content, pra who learns with easiness. But why some have easiness in learning and others not? This is ones of the excellent questions, that urge for our reflection. It is common to hear the phrase: ' ' Ah! Professor I do not take skill pra Matemtica' ' , justifying failure in tests or not understanding of one or another subject of the Mathematics.

This ' ' I do not take jeito' ' it wants to mean: ' ' I do not have aptido' '. She will be innate, this aptitude? People have or not aptitude for Music, for the Poetry. But, differently of the Mathematics, Music and Poetry, or any another activity that supposedly demands specific aptitude, is not indiscriminately taught obligatory and to all the people, in all the schools. We could think then about identifying to which contents one definitive citizen would have aptitudes pra to learn and to teach it until this point.

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