The Tears

Wednesday, 25. January 2012

They were the four in total silence for approximately half an hour, totally engrossed in his thoughts. Bob was still crying but silent. I could not stop the tears rolling down her cheeks and had decided that would drop regardless. I could not bear the thought that his brother, his hero, his best friend, something so terrible happen to him. Do not want to lose his brother again. Suddenly, Cleve started, it jumped the couch .- I have an idea that maybe I can work.

"I have come to the conclusion that the only solution I can envision is that you go to another country. "In another country? – Said the three at a time as if they had agreed. "Yes, I think he should leave England. At least for a while until we can find out which is legally conditions. "What do you mean, exactly," asked Kelly, "which has to go to another country.

"I do not think it's so hard to understand, to another country other than England. I think it's pretty simple what I'm saying, "said angry. "No, it's not," he said. "You mean he is going to live in another country? -" Of course, what I mean. To be anywhere other than England. Where it seems, Germany, France, Spain, no se, the most appropriate place .- "But I'll do in another country? Alone and without knowing anyone? – "Find yourself a job, a place to live and hope hear from us .-" You're sure what you're proposing? – Kelly asked him very scared.

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