Third Season

Friday, 14. June 2019

Raruto d’jinshi is a parody of the manga contests Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, the Spanish created by Jesus Garcia Ferrer “Jesulink” on 30 November 2005. Raruto is drawn in Super Deformed style, caricaturing the Naruto manga drawing.
Some readers have described their mood as an English humor as the one presented in a series of humor like South Park or Family Guy. It has come to be translated into English, French, Catalan, Chinese, Portuguese and Italian. Citation needed The story is followed by about forty thousand readers in Spain .
Jesulink, the author is currently working on Raruto 5 Elements, another comic whose humor is similar to drawing Raruto.
Raruto’s comic was presented in a report by Channel Four (Spain) as a parody of “popular”, but did not mention the name of the author. Citation needed
Zumomaki Raruto (parody of Naruto) is a young ninja who aims to be the big boss of the village hidden Torroja. Raruto is a member of Team 7 consists of Flora margarine and peers and their teacher Kuchilla Saske Kagate Kakasi.
1 Saga
The first season of Raruto narrates the events that occur from the processing of ninja Zumomaki Raruto in until the end of the first round of review of Super-Ninja, through the first mission of Team 7, Range C, which won the Mega -Ninja Hake.
In the second season explaining the events in the second round of review of Super-Ninja in the Forest of paranoia and in the preliminaries of the third, in which he breaks his left arm and right leg Ron Li. There are also developments in the rest of the preliminaries to the third test, which is now selling Raruto his joke book.
In the third season is presented Sinyaya, one of three Raruto Sandys who teach the technique of the invocation. Also there is the final review of Super-Ninja, but is interrupted by the invasion of the alliance of the hidden villages of mud and music, in the invasion, Chochimaru succeeds in killing the third, but not before losing his little finger and cancel after the invasion. The season ends with the funeral of Carasimio.
Fourth season
This season Raruto to search with Sinyaya to Sumadre, which would be the fifth Sir, and therefore the replacement of the Third. On their journey they encounter Kuchilla Ichachi and Pea, members of the Organization seeking to Raruto frikitsuki. At the same time that Raruto and Sinyaya, Chochimaru also was looking to heal him Sumadre for little fingers. At the end of the season facing Sandys and discovered that may not heal Sumadre Ron Li.
Fifth season
In the fifth season, some Chochimaru sent henchmen to kidnap Kuchilla Sask. Once aware of the hidden village Torroja, sent to a group led by Clara Pichamaru and become Super-Ninja and trained by ninjas Inurruta Simba Zumomaki Raruto, Lettuce Benji and Gordi Achimichi to rescue him. Having already overcome Achimichi Chunk, Inurruta Simba (using Kankulo), Clara Pichamaru (using Teremari), Ron Li (with help from Rat) lettuce Benji and Coco to their respective rivals, Raruto goes to a final battle with Saske which completes the 1 saga.
2 Saga
Season Six
After two years and through the absence of Raruto in Villa de Torroja (as he was training with Sinyaya) Raruto returns to his hometown. Alli is reunited with many of his former companions of past battles, including Pichamaru and Flora, who was “training” those two and a half years with the Fifth bigwigs town, Sumadre. And there lies Raruto be reunited with his old ‘friends’, two individuals belonging to the very evil organization frikitsuki, kidnap the new Jefazo of the town of Clay, Rat, to draw on their inner beast.
Some of the characters from the comic
Main article: Characters The vast majority of the characters have Raruto caricatured versions of the names and behavior of the characters in Naruto although there are also original characters such as Coco, Larry or marker. Due to the large number of characters covering the series, in this section will only show the players on which the story revolves.
Zumomaki Raruto (”””’): (Assumption Saske brother “Saske2”) Raruto is a young ninja from the hidden village Torroja be aimed Jefazo of the village. When he was still a baby, he was inserted at Ky’bi, the nine-tailed fox, which gives it an unearthly energy. online games have gained popularity, introduced a new concept in online game play this season. Features include always has his eyes closed and ninja costume to get used to use in missions.

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