Tobias Poschl

Saturday, 22. August 2015

Pomschar is as a Director IT services and solutions business group management of Ricoh Germany GmbH, the Uwe Jungk (Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Board), Thomas Braams (Director technical service), Thomas Ganesan (Director Finance & Administration), Michael Pichler (Marketing Director), Ralf Waibel (Director of human resources) and Klaus lashing (Sales Director) include, extend. Karl Pomschar has already clearly defined his goals: I will quickly build the new field together with my colleagues and to integrate in the Ricoh business. Target must be on the system circle of the really real business solutions, which are in my opinion Ricoh in a higher State of development than in the rest of the industry, to continue working. It was also a motivation to choose the Office communication sector at all!” IT infrastructure services part of a comprehensive strategy of Ricoh we are with our new business IT infrastructure services our competitive situation significantly improve,”explains Uwe Jungk, CEO of Ricoh Germany. On the way to the business solutions company with numerous other marketing innovations, such as for example managed document services, also the orientation of IT is a necessary and logical building block. “If we perform in the areas of document management, Office and production printing everything from a single source ‘ to deliver, so, as our customers demand it and need, then also this important step in the history of our company belongs to this consequence”. IT infrastructure services Ricoh will receive from the beginning of a classic embossed: service delivery in the form of servers, workstations, storage, customization, maintenance, etc.

IMAC, services: Change – and configuration – management, the entire asset management as well as invoicing and service reporting. The more details additional embossing”(Jungk) is that Ricoh looks capable of IT and output optimization processes, as well as the associated services in a form Not Acceptable!


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