Transportation Companies

Saturday, 22. March 2014

As it turned out, our company uses the services of the year 'Transportation Company – 778', and Now the company is due to the crisis and provides services to individuals. Go out on the site, and there prices are fixed! And a trip to Yegor'yevsk worth two thousand, and that offers business-class cars and the drivers, only Pro-trained corporate ethics. The result of the last trip was pleased. The declared value on the site as reported by the dispatcher and eventually paid the driver was the same, saying a car full order, driving without a driver and a calm nerves. And can talk about anything, do not whine, as all taxi drivers, fish is that life is bad and not enough money. So take a few months. In summary, the results allow draw the following conclusion, that in Moscow a taxi on the phone did not until a major way to get to wherever you want. In other countries, and in many Russian cities, it has long become a habit.

In Moscow, is still easier to go out, give up – and stop every car. Often it is cheaper than a taxi by phone. Although have to sit down for casual drivers, listen to the repertoire "cheap pop" in the likeness of 'black eyes', even choke tobacco smoke, fear that the 'go running along the ground underfoot. " All this can be forgiven for speed travel, but there are times when you need precision, accuracy, reliability and security. Especially if you're leaving the airport or city where you have to be at or be a long trip, the best option and do not figure out how to make a reservation. I for a choice made in favor of 'Transport Company – 778', and received excellent service at an affordable price.

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