Viva World Cup 2010

Monday, 13. May 2019

While the planet is awaiting the kickoff of the World Cup in South Africa, a parallel world puts her eyes on Gozo, a small island of Malta, in the Mediterranean: there will be disputed between 31 May and 5 June 4th VIVA World Cup, created Championship so that countries, Nations and territories not recognized by the FIFA to compete in an organized framework. The promoter is the NF Board (Board new federations, but more commonly known as No-FIFA Board), an NGO with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and that today brings together 32 federations out of the great House of football who chairs Joseph Blatter.Esta Edition holds the record of six participants: Gozo, Padania (the last champion), Kurdistan, Provence, Occitania and the Regno Delle Due Sicilie. Parties will be held in the towns of Xewkija and Sanaat, with capacity for 4,000 spectators. Until the last minute the selection of Tibet in exile was looking for a sponsor to participate, but his presence could not materialize. Something similar happened with the representative of Lapland, champion of the first edition. This peculiar world alternative group to 31/5 calendar: Gozo Padania 1/6: Padania Occitania2/6: Occitania Joy Group B 31/5: Kurdistan Regno Delle Due Sicilie1/6: Regno Delle Due Sicilie Provenza2/6: Provence Kurdistan fifth place 4/6: 3 to 3 Group B SEMIFINALES4/6 Group: 1 to 2 Group B4/6 Group: 1st group B 2 group ATERCER since 5/6: losers of semifinals 5/6 FINAL: winners of semifinals original author and source of the article.

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