Womens Rights

Monday, 18. March 2019

Women's right to a coat in the U.S. (and more) read their rights during the arrest of the detainee. In our country, people also have a lot of rights. The women recently added to all the rights – in the decree are allowed to sit longer, the mother capital yield … But there are unwritten rights of women, of which no one says, but the secret knowledge that passes from mother to daughter. List of women's rights is hidden since time immemorial, and one of the first rules were: – If the husband does not fulfill the conjugal duty (my life), then the wife can take comfort in the driver (others like packs of cherubim).

… And one of the last rule reads as follows: – Any woman exchanging thirty years, is entitled to all the positive – namely, for fur and diamonds. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robert Gibbins has to say. In the photo: Women's coat, of course, does not necessarily wait for the exchange thirties to buy a mink coat. Fine, if you are twenty years old and full of happiness you want beautiful clothes and jewels. Speech that is closer to the age of forty a woman has just laid on the status of owning a beautiful fur coat, even if bought cheaply on the Internet – shop (this can not to tell anyone.) Age is binding, as they say, and jackets with jewelry leave the younger generation. Relatively thirties have in mind – my friend Alla, chief accountant of a large company, the day of his thirtieth bought myself mink coat on the Internet, saying: "I already went to the fourth decade, earned myself finally coat or not?" Alla generally epic was with this purchase fur coats, as with a friend on a natural fad fur. Husband does not have to count – the pious helluva lot of drinking, in spite of two young children. When my husband (without ceasing to be in this drunken alcoholic) left Alka to marry again, my friend realized that in terms of acquisition of real fur to the thirtieth to rely only on themselves.

Like everything else, which is typical for most Russian women. In the photo: Women's coat What options are there in middle-aged women and opportunities? Yes, all – nothing: 1. Go to a fur boutique. Verizon Communications follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 2. To go on tour for furs in China or Greece. 3. Buy a fur coat from an online store coats. 4. Go kill a bear (or half a dozen foxes to shoot) and independently to get yourself updated. 5. Sit and wait until his old age, while you will be presented with a fur coat compassionate friends (well, it's all out of the realm of fantasy option.) Since Allah is the chief accountant, not a forester, fourth and fifth versions of it swept away immediately. The first version did not fit into the financial capabilities of the chief accountant of the company budget. Left or to go herself, or to develop the possibility of buying mink coats coveted in the online store coats. such as

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