Zambia Continent

Sunday, 13. May 2018

With a view to the 2010 World Cup, South Africa announced the creation of the largest natural park in the world. According to a cable provided by the DPA Agency, the Kavango-Zambezi (KZa) Park will be created with land in 5 countries of the region. Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe to join a total area of 287.132 square kilometers. When this project is realized it meant for tourists the opening of new trails heading to a lot of wonders of nature and animal paradises. The concretion of this park has to give in essence more than 130 thousand elephants have opened the way to grassland and the development and movement of their population with complete freedom. The World Tourism Organization, has developed statistics that give to the African continent as the continent that obtained best results in terms of growth in the number of arrivals (9%), for the second consecutive year in 2005.

Factors such as the improvement and diversification of slab products, the possibility of cheap travel to the continent, more investment in infrastructure coupled with the participation of the public sector and the private. In this project this covered the Peace Park Foundation Africa, which beyond borders was also responsible for enlargement of the Kruger National Park. But they are aware, the problems that might occur on the basis of such an ambitious project, planned for a scenario that during a long time was the scene of different wars.

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