Adequate Investment

Sunday, 20. December 2015

Fine jewelry pieces at the jewelry store of Yorxs discover diamonds, sparkling, rare stones fans has always been the ladies. Diamond jewellery pieces are in demand not only in the women. Also in the financial sector, have taken an important place in loose diamonds and are a popular investment. The annual production of diamonds is about 24 tons. Yet few new diamond fields are accessed and therefore is to be expected with any discount for loose diamonds. The demand for diamond jewellery and diamonds permanently increases for years. In difficult times such as the financial crisis or euro crisis, the demand for Wertbestandigem such as gold or diamonds.

According to experts is to be reckoned with added value and price increases for diamond jewelry. Put on loose diamonds every diamond is unique. No stone is like the others, which also complicates the substitutability of diamonds. Diamonds not unlike the luxury goods such as houses or cars lose value. A diamond does not lose its value, but it increases with the time also yet. Diamonds as a very stable in value on the already showed in the past. In the future, diamonds be regarded by experts as a perfect investment. Even in times of inflation, Gold provides security, which is why many people invest in gold.

Diamond jewelry pieces offer the possibility of diversification and are easily transportable due to its rarity, it is to assume an increase in value in the future. She make a popular investment for investors. The four C’s to decide the value of a loose diamond. The four C’s stand for the following: the cut (cut), purity (clarity), the weight (Carat) and color (colour). Diamond jewelry should be provided with internationally recognized certifications such as Hooge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) or Gemological Institute of America (GIA). These certificates have diamonds from the House of Yorxs. Online jeweler of Yorxs – we love diamond online jewelry store of Yorxs with location in Munich is specialized in diamond jewelry. The Internet jeweler offers first-class advice around the topic of diamond jewelry. After the criteria such as grinding or Carat can be searched using the configurator. So you can quickly after the matching diamond jewellery – whether engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond earrings or pendants look and specially put them together. High transparency for diamond prices allows the configurator. Yorxs works just-in-time, what has resulted, that diamond prices are up to 70% off the retail prices. In addition to gold, loose diamonds among the most sought after money assets. The offer of Yorxs there are also loose diamonds. Whether investment or appropriate piece of jewelry, the expert team of Yorxs advise. The customers will receive data regularly by phone, chat or mail. In the library of expertise on the Web page also everything you need to know about the gems can be read. Yorxs adheres strictly to the Kimberly process, who was appointed by the United Nations in the life 2000 among others. Only diamonds come their way perfectly comprehensible is from the mine to the consumer in the trade.

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