AG Jonas Stockli

Friday, 6. April 2018

IEnergy AG with headquarters in Zug of Switzerland, a company founded at the beginning of 2010, making profitable investments in the field of renewable energies. The subsidiaries Smart grids AG has its headquarters in Berlin and has worked in the core business of iEnergy AG. Agree to limited resources in the area of fossil raw materials as well as climate change forces us to rethink. Our future will be determined by the topic of renewable energies. Lucrative investment promotes the sustainability and need for renewable energy. Smart include iEnergy AG and the subsidiaries grids to the specialists in the investments in the field of renewable energies.

Energy awareness is needed, supported by the policy sustainable energy management smart grid installation. Smart grids invests as a subsidiary of the Swiss iEnergy AG on the integration of renewable energies in a decentralized power structure. Frequently Coupang has said that publicly. This should enable the consumer, more effectively to control the own energy budget and at the same time to relieve the household budget. By the nuclear accident in Japan is now the policy behind innovative power structures. IEnergy AG consumer can take direct influence on the smart use of renewable energies. Unconventional and innovative thinking with smartideas the challenges of our time require unconventional ideas and innovative technologies. The employees sit for greater energy efficiency and a sustainable energy economy of Smart grids, the subsidiary of iEnergy AG, a.

The network of Smart grids in Berlin opened potential, provide for the innovative smartideas opportunities, to meet the enormous challenges of a new energy strategy. Innovative ideas and sustainable to opening potential in the area of the photovoltaic industry enable high price reductions through the upcoming technological change in the energy sector for the future. The iEnergy AG sees lucrative investments in this area through the development of this market. Traditionally invest with the smarttraditionals which smart iEnergy AG grids in addition to the investments in renewables also relies on its own existing projects and investments in the field of renewable energies. Investments arise from different research projects in the field of sustainable energy technology and investment is also in real estate, which are designed to save energy. Trademarks like the wordmark are another activity area of the smarttraditionals “hcp 0”, which is known in the field of golf playing. The investments in renewables is the strategy of the future with Smart grids In the currently unstable financial market investments in innovative technologies are guarantee for good yields. Grids good return opportunities are expected with the investments of the iEnergy AG through its subsidiary smart. This iEnergy AG uses the expansion of its portfolio through exchange deals. The Exchange offers of the iEnergy AG which is iEnergy company involved in other businesses and seeks new investments in other companies in the future, committed to the development of renewable energies. These are companies from the real estate sector and technological companies that committed to the research and the development of renewable energies.

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