Air Conditioners

Monday, 6. June 2011

Installation of climate control systems requires a number of special operations, many of which require a certain amount of experience and professionalism. Sufficiently eloquent is the fact that over 80% of all defects and failures, detected in air conditioning systems are the result of unskilled assembly. Installation mounted on the outside of the premises are equipped with air cooled condensers and axial fans are number of features to consider when installing them. In the accompanying documentation supplied by air-conditioning is always given the specific characteristics of installation. The absence or reduction of clearances required for air intake, can lead to crashes or disabling the air conditioner because of overheating.

Possible directions of the prevailing 'wind rose' during installation in open areas should not be frontally directed to block air-conditioning, since in this case interferes with the normal fan operation. It is important to mount the air conditioner so that the predominant direction of 'wind rose' was parallel to that coming out of the air conditioner air. Another group of problems related to the weight of the air conditioner mounted on the outer side of the building or on the roof. In these cases, is always necessary to assess the strength of support for which data are mounted air conditioners and to adopt necessary measures to strengthen them.

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