Power Processor

Friday, 8. March 2019

Traditionally, when choosing a food processor, experts suggest to focus on the following scheme: at the capacity of 1.5 liters is enough Power 300 W, 2 liter – 400 watts, a 3-liter -700 Tues In this case, devices with such a ratio parameters show the same speed. Nevertheless, if we compare the processors with the same volume of processed products – the speed will be greater in addition, whose power and more. 3. What made bowl of a food processor? Following characteristics, which should hold the attention – the material from which made the cup food processor. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ripple. Most often it is plastic or glass, sometimes metal. Depending on what properties are bestowed on those materials manufacturers, it depends on whether you can keep food in the refrigerator right into the bowl or heat it with the contents in a microwave oven.

For convenience, Use a bowl combine work should be impact-resistant and resistant to high and low temperatures. Some manufacturers combine in a single processor bowl made of different materials. Such a device can have up to three systems work, each of which uses a separate bowl. One system can be designed to prepare the dough and equipped with stainless steel bowl in which to knead the dough by means of special nozzles from the same material. The second system can be equipped with a universal plastic cup, universal knife, stainless steel disc to float, cutting slices, fine shredding, cutting vegetables, universal and shinkovalnym blade. A third system involves working with a bowl of heat-resistant glass and a knife-grinder.


Friday, 25. November 2011

Beginning in 1999, after passing the stage of reconstruction, at the St. Petersburg factory Gazapparat annually develops and manufactures new models of domestic gas instantaneous water heaters. Each new product – a step forward based on best practices of previous models. Especially worth to mention one of the latest innovations – the gas water heater neva Lux 5514. This model is now the clear leader in sales and it is reasonable Causes: Permanent hydraulic flame modulation makes a geyser neva Lux 5514 the best in its category.

Its customers can forget about the abrupt changes in temperature heated water. Only one control knob. More and no required, because this model is equipped with automatic electronic ignition. It is this feature puts it on par with more expensive European models of gas water heaters. Ignition burner automatically off immediately after turning the main burner. This significantly increases its service life. Special combustion chamber. Part of the water coming into this geyser cools the combustion chamber.

This technological innovation affects the lifetime of the device and saves the cost of servicing the heater. Ecology, clean air, safety is not just empty words for this column. In a gas water heater neva Lux 5514 co (carbon monoxide) less than 10 times than the specified eu standards. The phone has all the modern security system. This is true in regard to recent developments in the use of domestic gas. And the last difference. It is this gas column won the most popular of modern housing. Many consumers are happy to replace the familiar white device, to a more modern matte silver casing. In addition to color it should be noted that the new body is made of metal and plastic. Unlike enamel shells, he fears less chipping, better able to corrosion. Geyser neva Lux 5514 – a modern, popular and safe water heater that creates comfort in any home.

Air Conditioners

Monday, 6. June 2011

Installation of climate control systems requires a number of special operations, many of which require a certain amount of experience and professionalism. Sufficiently eloquent is the fact that over 80% of all defects and failures, detected in air conditioning systems are the result of unskilled assembly. Installation mounted on the outside of the premises are equipped with air cooled condensers and axial fans are number of features to consider when installing them. In the accompanying documentation supplied by air-conditioning is always given the specific characteristics of installation. The absence or reduction of clearances required for air intake, can lead to crashes or disabling the air conditioner because of overheating.

Possible directions of the prevailing 'wind rose' during installation in open areas should not be frontally directed to block air-conditioning, since in this case interferes with the normal fan operation. It is important to mount the air conditioner so that the predominant direction of 'wind rose' was parallel to that coming out of the air conditioner air. Another group of problems related to the weight of the air conditioner mounted on the outer side of the building or on the roof. In these cases, is always necessary to assess the strength of support for which data are mounted air conditioners and to adopt necessary measures to strengthen them.