Power Processor

Friday, 8. March 2019

Traditionally, when choosing a food processor, experts suggest to focus on the following scheme: at the capacity of 1.5 liters is enough Power 300 W, 2 liter – 400 watts, a 3-liter -700 Tues In this case, devices with such a ratio parameters show the same speed. Nevertheless, if we compare the processors with the same volume of processed products – the speed will be greater in addition, whose power and more. 3. What made bowl of a food processor? Following characteristics, which should hold the attention – the material from which made the cup food processor. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ripple. Most often it is plastic or glass, sometimes metal. Depending on what properties are bestowed on those materials manufacturers, it depends on whether you can keep food in the refrigerator right into the bowl or heat it with the contents in a microwave oven.

For convenience, Use a bowl combine work should be impact-resistant and resistant to high and low temperatures. Some manufacturers combine in a single processor bowl made of different materials. Such a device can have up to three systems work, each of which uses a separate bowl. One system can be designed to prepare the dough and equipped with stainless steel bowl in which to knead the dough by means of special nozzles from the same material. The second system can be equipped with a universal plastic cup, universal knife, stainless steel disc to float, cutting slices, fine shredding, cutting vegetables, universal and shinkovalnym blade. A third system involves working with a bowl of heat-resistant glass and a knife-grinder.

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