Assets Values

Tuesday, 3. June 2014

Significant relief for policyholders pressure and media companies, the for the use of GBH media-police decide to receive immediately even more power. Policyholders of the elaborate and often very difficult determination of the current building and machine values as well as the half-products existing in the company and supplies to relieve, Gamal & Berns offers insurance brokers and others specializing in print and media companies? Homann GmbH (GBH) a free determination of the insurance value within the framework of the GBH-media-police. With this additional service is provided in cooperation with the Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG, not only any danger of an excessive premium is not required due to possibly not correctly specified tangible assets, threatening even the risk of under-insurance and existence in the payout amount gaps from this. Expensive experts, which often determine the values on behalf of the company, are also no longer necessary. Each print and media entrepreneur, the working with an insurance company, a broker or a broker, knows the situation from personal experience. So far, involves the determination of the sum of insured, so the value that will be paid as a machine in the case of the more inability or total loss, the responsibility lies with the policyholder. Before conclusion of the contract, he must determine how much his real estate, machines, and also its stocks are worth based on purchase documents and data from the market (indices).

It is time or organisationally unable, even though he can an expert consult, often identifying the full-length continues however and high fees. Incorrect data collected but not only that: being made the survey itself or a reviewer for example from banks or from the tax, it is easy, not the new relevant for insurance, but merely the collateral value is determined and disclosed. So could for example values from a leasing business, which are not in the fixed assets, forgotten or interpreted incorrectly.

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