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Monday, 17. March 2014

Framework contract for distributor Hamburg closed may 27, 2013. In the future, investment advisors who want to meet the requirements of paragraph 34f of the Gewerbeordnung (GewO) in connection with paragraph 24 of the financial mediation Ordinance (FinVermV), must accept also an independent audit of their occupational tax documents in addition to other criteria. The own tax advisors may not carry out usually this form of control (prohibition of self-examination). The Texas ATM American Management LLC wants the connected consultants this support and provides a framework agreement with the Dr. Bischoff & Tann GmbH book audit firm () a performance package they can use to fulfil the extended book review obligations in accordance with the above mentioned legal obligations. The package stipulates that in addition to a corresponding advice including checklists and forms provided financial service providers to prepare future yearly testing available.

One such prepared and structured approach allows that an annual audit can be performed efficiently and thus cheaper”, says Claus W. Schroder, President of the ATM-LLC. The Dr. Bischoff & Tann GmbH book audit firm has made it his doing the task, to offer to the audit for small and medium-sized financial investment intermediaries as simply as possible and practicable. The legislature assumes audit costs amounting to an average 1,700 euros per year for an average financial service providers. On the basis of the framework contract and the standardized procedure Dr. Bischoff & Tann GmbH book audit firm offers this service for about 20 percent of less cost.

Those who decide until September 30, 2013 for cooperation, receive an additional discount by 10 percent. But the exact cost must be set for each individual commitment. We are pleased to announce the active part for many years for our House advisors so that a to be able to offer cheaper alternative and feel the Dr. Bischoff & Tann GmbH book audit firm in good hands. “After all, Mr. Peter acts Tann (certified public accountant tax advisors) among others in the Audit Committee for social studies testing the financial investment intermediaries of the industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) with Hamburg”, says Claus W. Schroder, President of the ATM-LLC. The management and the partners of ATM American Texas management are around 20 years of experience in the field of direct investments in oil and natural gas sources of from selected locations in the United States working. Here, you can refer to a long-standing positive balance. Currently, management with the multi sources project Spindletop is ATM American Texas”in the placement, investors from $ 24,000 plus five percent agio can participate which. The yields are between 16 and 30 percent per year. A result that can be demonstrated through a variety of similar projects in the past few years.

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