Brazil Power

Wednesday, 21. November 2012

Using its persuasivo power for Brazil, it passes a good image to them of this country with continental dimensions, with favorable lands and climate for the practical one of agriculture, abundant waters, rivers with potential for navigation, then the same ones had imagined the paradise. This, for its time, offers for who topasse so great taken over on a contract basis, ticket of ship and the payment of the debts of who if it found in such situation. It joined then, a group of approximately eighty compatriots, which obtained to convince them to be it part of this project. Jean Maurice Faivre embarks for Brazil, also bringing equipment that them would be useful and necessary in its enterprise in the new world. In 17 of February of 1847, Faivre and its group had disembarked in Paranagu, the paranaense coast. The Paran, of this moment, as well as all the Brazilian territory, passes for important transformations, the paranaense historian Sergio Odilon Nadalin, comments in its workmanship ' ' Occupation of the Territory, Population and Migraes' '. The word ' ' colonizao' ' complete thus its direction in history.

I use to advantage to complete my thought: the colonies and the immigration of ' ' povoamento' ' they start to designate, for new strategical involved and the more or less diffuse ideas that were for detrs, changes in the colonial objectives. More ahead, but in the context of the ample transformations that if prepare during century XIX, it is started to hear some voices to it, which they esteem that it was of the slavery, and also of the colonies, they were finishing, prepared it transistion of the free work, of ethics of the adventure for ethics of the work, for a new rationality. Until then the word colonist she was understood only with one meaning agricultural, that is, one was about the peasant.

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