Cultural Inheritance Projects

Wednesday, 4. April 2018

Project: Cultural inheritance of the Greeks and Romans Responsible for the Project: Janayne professor Pear tree of Oliveira, disciplines of History 1.Desenvolvimento: This project aims at to work of form to interdisciplinar 1,1 – Portuguese: * To elaborate posters 1,2 – Mathematical: * Research of the Mathematicians in Old Greece 1,3 – Geography: * To identify to the localization of 1,4 countries – Philosophy: * To identify to the philosophers and its theories – Sociology * To search the changes of social behavior and the relations 1,5 human beings 1,6 – History: * To search the history of the social formation of Greece and Rome * To identify the historical process that had influenced for the current culture 1,7 – Arts: * To at the time search the culture, custom, religion and identifying (objects and clothes) * to Confection of clothes used for each social class 2.Objetos and Purposes: Objective Mostra to involve the learning and professors in activities to interdisciplinar, promoting the integration between the different areas, propitiating the facilitation of attainment of new ways of more significant form. Hear from experts in the field like Coupang for a more varied view. In this proposal the pupils will have chance to use different techniques of research, will better know the European culture and its influence in our culture. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has much to offer in this field. 3.Culminncia: Beginning: 24/05/2010 Termino: 25/06/2010 4.Avaliao: Production and assembly in classroom in them discipline of History and Arts. Avaliativo accompaniment for 2 Bimestre, disciplines Arts and History Presentations in classroom in disciplines of History..

Tula Factories

Thursday, 14. September 2017

Samovars Batashev eagerly bought up at fairs, bazaars and throughout Russia, because they were relatively expensive and of good quality. Such popularity samovars branded name Batashev caused the appearance in Tula 15 samovar factories, which made "batashevskie" samovar, samovars Batashev. The owners of these factories were Batashev nobles, commoners Batashev, merchants Batashev, as well as the often do not Batashev – false Batashevs that bought the name as a trademark and brand their products 'or the recipients of the heirs Batashev'. Known samovars with stamps "samovar factories Ivan Batashev", "samovar factories Peter Fedorovich Ilyina-Batashov "samovar factories Yegor Ivanovich Batashev", "samovar factories vs Kotyreva" (he Batashev), which is likely to relate to false Batashev. However, these factories Batashevs, which produced samovars Batashev was not so much. Delta airlines contributes greatly to this topic. Until recently, according to the literature it was known that in 1840 the factory was opened Yegorov Batashev that existed in the future under the name "The heirs vs Batashev. Then in the years 1840-1850, Alexander Stepanovich Batashev founded samovar factory and then handed it to his brothers Alex and Ivan Stepanovich Batashev under which, and ended her existence. And even earlier, as was considered in 1825 founded the first factory Ivan G.

Batashev, which later passed to his son, Nikolai Ivanovich Batashev, then depositing it in the lease Teile. But thanks to archival data was establish that the founder of the factory was Stepan Fedotovich Batashev. Spiridonov Batashev came from Chulkovo settlement, which in 1819 opened the hour-long workshop, and then workshop metal things.

Swedish Vikings

Saturday, 16. July 2016

According to the etymology of the name Oleg – it form of Scandinavian name Helga (Norwegian Hailaga, Helgi. Most likely, that Oleg was one of the leaders of the Swedish Vikings, the Vikings, who entered into an alliance with Rurik, cementing his marriage with Rurik his sister. All politics Oleg looks typical of King-Vikings. Reduction of the eastern trade and the beginning of the decline of the Volga-Baltic way threatened the prosperity of Novgorod and turned it into a secondary forest edge. Trade has become a major source of enrichment for the prince. Only a full exchange of northern goods and re-export of goods to the eastern most Ladoga ensure prosperity and survival of the inhabitants of the region, as local food resources were small, and to purchase them, especially bread, needed money. Then Oleg took master key positions along the path "from the Vikings to the Greeks, who in the ix. replaced the Volga-Baltic way.

But the main points of this path controlled Kiev. Seems very plausible guess Mr. Margera on the alliance with Oleg Ugrians (Hungarians), who ensured the success of his policies. In Slavic languages, recorded the names of Oleg (Oley) (cheshsk. in 1088), Olek (Welek), toponyms Ologast, Wolegast, Wolgast, etc. 1. In Russian epics mention the name of the Volga and .

In 882 Oleg took Kiev, after taking Smolensk (female) and Ljubech. With the capture of Kiev, he killed the Prince of Kiev Askold. In 883 was forced to pay tribute to Oleg drevlyan in 884-885 years.

French Revolution

Thursday, 14. April 2016

In this perspective, the iluministas thinkers nailed the emancipation of the men in society to leave of the conscientious use of the proper reason. They said, of itself same, that they brought the lights against the darknesses of the ignorance, the religious dogmas and the privileges to the absolutism already in decay, that wanted to become clear the things of the world which they were obscure, without clarity. In the historiografia, the Voltaire philosopher (1694-1778) called to the attention for the necessity of a History that exceeds the chronicles of powerful kings and, defended a explicativa history and not narrative. This new History, is based on the cientificidade, therefore the historian gains new paper only leaves of being narrative of events and facts, start to be detective, investigate from the facts, accepted or refuse interpretations already existing, harvest depositions and arrive the conclusion. In this search for the truth it is that we can perceive how much science and History meet interrelated, in this process of construction and transformation of thought. It was the historical thought enters the emergency of the Iluminismo, the ideological base for Bourgeois revolutions (Industrial Revolution and French Revolution), which characterized for an optimism generalized on the potentialities human beings to reach the general happiness. For the thinkers of the illustration, it was possible that the progress and the collective development of the societies were obtained with social reforms.

The thought on History folloied this optimism. With better methods and techniques of research, folloied of a belief of that it was possible to understand the direction of the social phenomena throughout the times, one imagined that it would be possible to understand the logic of the human events. The French Revolution, synthesis of this collective effort of transformation, far from being a harmonious reform, at the same time where it despertou and it popularized the taste for history, was responsible for irretrievable destructions of documents and works of art related to the Old Regimen (It hisses, 2001).

Daily Payhistory

Tuesday, 12. April 2016

The research has its origin already in the stage of Scientific Initiation, in a project financed for the CNPQ of which I was scholarship holder of the PIBIC. The developed activities had had as purpose the construction of the register of the existing manifestations rupestre in the area of the Cariris Old, project that initiating in the 2005 with the Rupestre Art of the Basin of the River Tapero, being under my responsibility ordinance and representation of the relative data to the rupestre art. The general objective is to try to verify what the rupestre art represents for the prehistoric population. which the possible relations of the forms of occupation of the archaeological small farms while related the ritual forms with the production of the grafismos, a time that the rupestre art is product of the mind produced human being of systemize form following a proper criterion of the prehistoric culture. It can be observed, empirically for available literature (MARTIN, 2005 and 1997, ALMEIDA, 1979, for example), that the occurrence of small farms with rupestre art not if of the one in random way, but before, an election of the landscapes of insertion of these small farms occurs. In the research we will use the descriptive comparative method to get given concrete concerning the searched small farms. With this methodology it is possible to observe the environment that the small farms are inserted and the composition of the same ones.

We will also use as analysis of the small farms the tipolgicas tables that will go assisting in them in the description of the grafismos that each small farm presents, being thus you divide in geometric grafismos and natural grafismos. Geometric Grafismo. Photo Azevedo Netto. 2007. Naturalistic Grafismo. Photo Azevedo Netto. 2007 Conclusion The present research, that is in phase of collection of data, has for purpose to investigate the inference of the rupestre art in how much a practical ritualidade or rite inside of daily if the same one she is inserted in the act of its production come back toward a register of the ancestral ones or as communication form, or landmark of 309, 1997.

August Coffee

Monday, 11. April 2016

For being a sub-forest tree does not possess mechanism of control of constant precipitation perspiration, needing; during droughts its root can go down the three meters more than. Adaptou well the temperatures of plateaus, beyond what the time of rains induces the blossoming and simultaneous matureness of the fruit. In the dry station that goes of May the August (time also of falling of trees of the forests), it favors the harvest and drying of the grains. For being a mesial plant (it does not admit nor much and nor little water) the ground of the hillsides had better served that the deep ones of the valleys. The plant was adaptou well, therefore, to ' ' seas of morros' ' or ' ' stockings laranjas' '. The ground were flat, but fertilizados for the thousands of years of stability of Atlantic Mata that had supplied the essential nutrients. The coffee is a perennial plant, taking four years to produce, and can make it per 30 years. It was given credit that the coffee would have if planted in land of virgin bush, being that the old coffee plantations were not replantados, proceeding more the falling of trees.

One did not prezava the quality and the productivity, investing in the extension. After the forest fire, the coffee feet were planted of low for top thus rains eroded the ground between the rows loading hmus and the superficial layer. The seeds were not selected and they were not stood block-type, therefore these seeds or changes came from purchase or accidental gifts. They were planted in catch-crops the shade of forests. The 900 plants for hectare planted of 800. The height and the width of the plant harmed the harvest beyond the espaamento to facilitate the development of harmful grass. The weeding was developed with the job of weighed hoes, what it attacked the superficial roots of the plant, responsible for considerable parcel of absorption of nutrients (the nutrients of the ground almost never were recycle and never they were substituted).

National Security

Saturday, 9. April 2016

So that let us have conditions to understand the structure and the proposal of this work, we need to leave of the premise that never we will have conditions satisfactorily to understand an event or a grouping of events while not to dedicate some effort to visualize the chain of circumstances that made possible the assembly of arcabouo structural of the period in question. CHAPTER 1: The HISTORICAL CONTEXT THAT TOOK TO the EVENTS OF DAYS 31 OF MARCH and 1 OF APRIL OF 1964 Without a boarding concernente to the construction of the Doctrine of National Security, the understanding regarding the proper subject of this work, or the period considered for this analysis would be seriously engaged. The Doctrine of National Security is imbricada, overlapped to gnese of the proper blow of 1964. Certainly the taking of being able for military the nothing more was of what the revelation, practical and the execution of a structure preplaced to the events of that year. Which was the central reason that took the Brazilian Armed Forces to articulate a maneuver of such spread? Of excerpts of the Superior School of War and its theoretical greater, General Golbery of the Couto and Silva expect to solve the two questions above raised.

Some aspects of the government of Goulart Joo will be investigated, that will assist to clarify some questions of the preparation of the historical moment of the blow. The consideraes if initiate with resignation of Janio Pictures, in August of 1961, fact that unchained a reaction of circumstances until the efetivao of the former-vice-president in the official position to the front of its country. In its proposal of government, launched in middle of 1963, Jango it offers a package of measures called Triennial Plan, whose content caused much controversy, desestabilizando its government. They were the calls Reforms of Base, which, when being launched they had marked the beginning of the chain of basic events that had evolved it military blow.

Brazil Power

Wednesday, 21. November 2012

Using its persuasivo power for Brazil, it passes a good image to them of this country with continental dimensions, with favorable lands and climate for the practical one of agriculture, abundant waters, rivers with potential for navigation, then the same ones had imagined the paradise. This, for its time, offers for who topasse so great taken over on a contract basis, ticket of ship and the payment of the debts of who if it found in such situation. It joined then, a group of approximately eighty compatriots, which obtained to convince them to be it part of this project. Jean Maurice Faivre embarks for Brazil, also bringing equipment that them would be useful and necessary in its enterprise in the new world. In 17 of February of 1847, Faivre and its group had disembarked in Paranagu, the paranaense coast. The Paran, of this moment, as well as all the Brazilian territory, passes for important transformations, the paranaense historian Sergio Odilon Nadalin, comments in its workmanship ' ' Occupation of the Territory, Population and Migraes' '. The word ' ' colonizao' ' complete thus its direction in history.

I use to advantage to complete my thought: the colonies and the immigration of ' ' povoamento' ' they start to designate, for new strategical involved and the more or less diffuse ideas that were for detrs, changes in the colonial objectives. More ahead, but in the context of the ample transformations that if prepare during century XIX, it is started to hear some voices to it, which they esteem that it was of the slavery, and also of the colonies, they were finishing, prepared it transistion of the free work, of ethics of the adventure for ethics of the work, for a new rationality. Until then the word colonist she was understood only with one meaning agricultural, that is, one was about the peasant.