Buchel Trading

Tuesday, 27. May 2014

The Administration is headed by Mrs Jo Morales. On Malta will seneca invest AG, a large law firm in terms of legal & compliance advice and active support. What weight does the area of managed accounts in your company? How it looks on the other divisions? Sven Buchel: Our principal business is still the establishment of professional investor funds (PIF) under Maltese EU law. For our customers, we look more and more trading systems, usually on special customer request. Specific approaches that of 250 EUR and more demand often fairly high minimum investment amounts, should be questioned intensively.

We have recognized in a timely manner, that since the growing dissatisfaction with the traditional banking services, particularly by smaller customers the solid demand for professional management solutions and promote development by retailfahigen that is why for a long time Strategies. Unfortunately, the search is heavier than the famous search for high-quality commercial approaches for a needle in a haystack. Here we want to remedy this with our expertise. We believe that managed accounts will be the logical evolution of the classic asset management, whose Wichtigkeit will explode in the coming years. How big are the trading teams for Better Stocks and Procyon? Sven Buchel: Both strategies are developed completely different teams and each other completely independent. Our BetterStocks stock trading strategy is automated and requires no human intervention. Therefore, we are not dependent on a large team of traders and can pool our resources in the investigation and off programming our financial market hypothesis tests.

The core team of Better Stocks consists of four persons with predominantly technical education background. As a leading developer of system is like. Sascha Konig responsible, he has as a institutional Fund Manager many years proven track records and international awards. As four people are responsible for the development and continuous improvement of the PROCYON Handelsprogrammes.

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