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Tuesday, 6. August 2013

To answer these questions, it should be noted firstly that only 10% of job vacancies appear in ads and of that percentage, the majority are for level initial, part-time jobs or in Committee. Even some ads offer jobs that in reality are attempts to attract the unemployed (and perhaps desperate) to different types of scams. In addition, as the announcement of work published in a newspaper can be read and answered by hundreds of people, the chances of getting an interview are scarce. However, despite all the negative things that may seem, classified ads can be a good source of job offers if you know analyze and read correctly. Steps to scan the listings for employment is recommended buying the newspaper every day. During that period of time, it is necessary to review all ads that correspond to the requested job. However, be careful of ads where the company name is not visible.

While it might well be an employment opportunity legitimate, could also be: A scam to obtain your name, address and phone number that will be used to try to sell you something, or include it in a kind of pyramid. Many people use the classified ads to exploit the fears of people who are unemployed and are so desperate for an income who are willing to believe, even the most implausible promises of easy money. A false advertising of agency employment or another company, in fact, has no vacancies, but you’d like to meet your curriculum to tell their customers that have a large number of candidates. A legitimate notice published by your current company in order to cover a real vacancy. If you don’t want to know that you are looking for work elsewhere, a response to this type of ads is a risk. An employment opportunity, is true, but with a company for which no one wants to work.

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