Wednesday, 16. March 2016

Every year we see that there are a greater number of portals on the Internet dedicated to announce job vacancies. is one of the few job boards in Spain specializing in the tourism and hospitality sector. We strive every day to offer a good service, both companies who choose our website to advertise their job vacancies, and those seeking employment. However, there are still people who refuse to use the job boards to find work. According to my experience, they tend to be people who have had a bad experience with this media or who simply because of ignorance do not trust in the effectiveness of the Internet job search. Personally, took bags of employment since 2002, as a candidate (looking for employment), whether used as a company (announcing tenders and selecting staff), or as a creator of a Web project of bolsa de empleo. Therefore I well know the advantages and disadvantages of these products.

For those who have not yet decided to use the job boards to find work or they simply doubt its benefits, I turn to enumerate some of the advantages and disadvantages of these products. Advantages: 1. you can send your CV to several offers of employment and companies at the same time. 2. Once you have a user account with your CV and contact information is no longer lack peder time by printing your CV, writing and sending letters to companies. 3 Is cheap, it is often free to users who are looking for work. 4. Increasingly more companies use employment bags, therefore every time there is greater number of job offers on the Web. 5 Companies that advertised on the Internet tend to provide information on their corporate website, therefore we can access that information quickly. This can help us to be more prepared and better informed when doing an interview.

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