Concentrator Works

Monday, 25. March 2019

Composition and features of the beneficiation equipment concentrator (concentrator): The concentrator is generally composed of concentrated pool, Crust frame, gear devices, Crust frame lifting device, the feeding device, discharge device signal and safety devices. The main features of high efficiency concentrator (High Efficiency Concentrator) is to add a certain amount of flocculant in the concentrated slurry, make the mineral particles in the slurry to form floc, accelerate its settling velocity, and thus achieve the purpose of improving concentration efficiency. Applications range of the mineral processing equipment efficient enrichment machine: Efficient concentrator mineral processing equipment(a kind of ore beneficiation) is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemicals, building materials, environmental protection and the other departments for the process of slime, waste water, waste residue, which can improve wastewater utilization, Base flow concentration, protect environment and transport. Matters need to note when the beneficiation equipment concentrator (concentrator) works: I. Things must be done before starting the concentrator (1) clear out the debris on the top and around, check whether the rack raceway Han obstacles or not. Transmission parts and the parts must be in good condition, forbid sick functioning lubrication. (2) Inspect whether the unit mining pipe or tank, the overflow outlet is smooth, the rake is good or not, the arithmetic gates should works smoothly, closed tight (spare gate should be equipped), the coaming should be without defect.

(3) check whether the plastic pump screws are loose or not, and the V-belt tightness. (4) Check the trommel situation of screening particles. After confirming these above four-points, we can start the machine. II. Things need to be done when the concentrators works (1) Close the arithmetic gates, empty load car, and then feed the ore. (2) The machine is not allowed to fall into the debris, Bottom exile pray gate must be flexible work, and a spare gate must be equipped. (3) Check the operation situations of center, ministries glue transmission concentrator pump. The packing mine leakage must be timely processed, the lubricating parts need to be timely lubricated.

(4) maintain the safety device, the signal is in good condition. III. Things need to be done when the concentrators stop working (1) before stopping the machine, the dam must be finished, minimize the load, closed the ore discharging gate. (2) clean-up the debris in the feeder channel, do the sanitation, hang warning signs, improve civilization production equipment.

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