Dominik Schneider

Sunday, 25. November 2018

This is special: If the transaction costs are not exceptionally high, almost any market can be traded with the rebound of timer system profitable. Are currently about MIG Bank mapped our broker in Switzerland, 20 markets. Among them are 15 currency pairs as well as five equity and commodity markets, with the latter about the use of CFDs are covered. With this dispersion in various markets and the use of different instruments is redoubt timer VV a real all-rounder”, similar to a Decathlon, which scores in all disciplines. 20 markets are a very wide range. How can you trust this trading robot without error? How the control from your site? Dominik Schneider: All trading systems are permanently monitored by a sophisticated risk management system. This special monitor you can control all transactions, the open profit targets and stop-loss brands exceeding certain limits of drawdown.

Thus, the usual risks must be observed when the rebound of timer VV from the developers in the implementation. The quality of the programming work at each automatic trading system decides whether weal and woe. The gemstone capital developers have about many years of experience and an excellent expertise, that’s why we opted for this trading system. What is the frequency of trade? Dominik Schneider: The trading frequency depends on the market conditions. One can say that approximately 0.8 trades per week and market in the system are made. In about 20 markets, where we are currently active, it comes up thus in about 3-4 trades per day. The average hit rate is, as already mentioned, at over 70%. After which schema determine the respective position sizes? Dominik Schneider: The position size is determined dynamically. The system adjusts itself continuously to the fluctuation of the markets. What happens with the trades in relation to risk management? Dominik Schneider: The risk of each individual item is limited, it is never entered into a position without the corresponding stop order.

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