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Wednesday, 21. May 2014

Sweden is a great ore exporter for English siderurgias Germans. Spain arrives slowly at the industrial age. Not obstante, one tero of its active population is used at the moment in the industry, the natural conditions favors the activities mining. The American economy unclasped in the interior of a space of continental dimensions, enormous mineral resources assures guarantee to it of practically limitless development. The United States had conquered since 1914, the first place between the industrial nations. In the interval between the two world-wide wars, they manufactured, before the crisis, 40% of the steel of the world.

It is the first producer of the world of electric energy, of natural gas oil of the world and the ore availability is equally enormous. Its industry is resulted of a formidable improvisation unprovided of commercial tradition and local artesanato. The elimination of the badly-occurred ones and less strong, the necessity technique to congregate the elements of production in great organisms, the solidity of the bases of rude substances that they offer in one only place resources that in the Europe would be dispersed, leads to a fast and imponent concentration of the American industry. I number it of industrial establishments, is very reduced in relation to the volume of the production. Not contented with the bonanza rude wealth of its country, the Americans strengthen themselves for still more lowering the price of cost of the industrial products, always leaving an edge of convenient wage the man power, for ways of minute studies of the industrial organization. The Maximum income of the man power is attemped through a very sharp division of the work and of a narrow association between the man it schemes and it operatriz. The services technician put in study the methods most productive, the laborer execute, without having necessity to understand. The machine excuses the initiative effort. The atomic industry is relatively dispersed in two regions of bigger concentration: the Northeast and the Tennesee valley.

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