Natural Resources

Sunday, 6. October 2019

The man in its constant search for the use of the natural resources in way to take care of to its necessities of survival and development, fulfill the important paper of transforming agent of the environment, many times, provoking irreversible damages to the ecosystem. Agriculture, considered under the perspective of the process of use and occupation of the ground here, is responsible for great transformations in the ecosystem, has seen that for its development they are necessary the use of techniques that result in the alteration of the natural conditions. The withdrawal of bioma native, ally to the application of plantation techniques? deforestation, forest fire, and use of agricultural defensives, among others? they can to result in the ambient degradation. In such a way, the process of use and occupation of the ground if constitutes in one of the determinative factors of the ambient transformation, a time that influences directly in the removed maintenance or of bioma native, as well as has significant implications on the quality of the ground, the water and the conditions of life of the underlying society to this ecosystem. The ambient monitoramento, through the accompaniment of the dynamics of the use and occupation of the ground, makes possible the rational performance of the Man on the environment, diminishing, thus, the harmful effect to the physical environment, a time that the accompaniment of this procedural dynamics allows the diagnosis of the occured ambient changes from its performance on the Environment, serving of support for taking of decision how much to with priority areas and action of conservation of biodiversity.

Granada Tropical

Monday, 1. July 2019

From years 1960, the Andalusian coast started if to detach as receiving point of the world-wide tourism, had to some factors, as: favorable climatic conditions, with hot summers and brandos winters, strategical geographic position, investments of companies multinationals attracted by subsidies and performance of the government, by means of the Secretariat of Tourism, beyond the implantation of programs and action of marketing with sights to detach natural and cultural attributes. The conjunction of these factors contributed for the consolidation and competitiveness of the Andalusian tourism in relation to other European destinations, making with that, according to data of the Secretariat of Tourism, Commerce and Sport of the Meeting of Andalusia, in 2007 the tourist activity already more than represented 12% of its GIP. The coast possesss 836 extension km, and was divided in: Coast of the Light, that corresponds to the provinces of Huelva and Cadiz; Coast of the Sun, that bathes Mlaga, and if extends for Cadiz and Granada Tropical coast of Granada. At Larry Ellison you will find additional information. The Andalusian tourism possesss some modalities, of sun and beach, the predominant one; cultural, agricultural, of health, business-oriented, nautical tourism, of golf, amongst others. The pertaining to the state of Cear coast passed for deep transformations throughout the historical process, passing of a place of use and occupation almost essentially of the fishing to a world-wide symbol of tourism of sun and beach (DANTAS, 2006). For in such a way, the urbanization process had important paper, as well as: the world-wide trend of valuation of the coast as leisure space, the strategical position of the Cear, next to the Europe; the propagation of the Cear as ‘ ‘ Land of the Sol’ ‘ , created to value and to stimulate the tourism, the presence of foreign investors and the adoption of politics that favored this activity, having as example the creation of the PRODETUR (Program of Development of the Tourism), in the decade of 1980, with the objective to provide to all the infrastructure that it made possible tourist enterprises in the coast..


Wednesday, 30. May 2018

SLAVE OF the REASON Antonio Padilha de Carvalho For beginning of colloquy, we will have to inquire: To who it takes care of our education? Who effectively is benefited by the effective educational structure in our country? We are sages who the mass of students of Brazilian average education, always studies in the nocturnal period, with horria load reduced and in educational establishments without conditions none to receive them well. The calls studies ' ' supletivos' ' , far from good to prepare our young, they only finish for diplomar them for a machine of white slavery, prepared for exploration of the intelectiva force and work of this army of national reserve. The proposal of tecnificar average education shows the efetivao of this proposal, time that the pupils are ' ' educados' ' to take care of the demands of the industries, commerce and exploring services of the youthful forces of the country. Truily, we would have to prepare the students being searched to get emancipated, creative, critical pupils of the reality lived deeply, reading and capable to think and to make use of these positionings well. Cad the implantation of foreseen polytechnical education in the educational legislation? So that this comes to happen, it is primordial that the state structure, makes investments and changes in the organization of the public schools, offering immediately, more conditions of work for the professionals of the education, improving in substantial way the wage floor of the classroom, so that it has on the part of the professors, a bigger enrollment in the politics of improvement of the teach-learning of our estudantil society. Here it is the faithful picture of our current educational structure: Slave of the Man-machine Reason that does not think, explored man; Man who schemes thinking, exploring man, man who lives to scheme. Thought, machine that it searchs to explore.

Treat Preferential Advertising

Tuesday, 8. May 2018

The high index of crime in cities as Johanesburgo, aggravated with the wave of violence to the immigrants, in May of 2008, is another reason of concern. Bernard Golden often says this. To fight violence, the government promises to increase in 20% the police contingent until this year. The South Africans follow hopeful in receiving a great return, foreign investments in the most diverse areas, during and after the games of the pantry. Asia certainly was the continent that carried through arrive in port more significant in Africa during and last decade. In 2004, India kept relations next with Africa registering commercial increment to 32,34% with the continent. In 2003, it created a program of promotion to the bilateral interchange called ' ' Focus: frica' ' e, in 2008, celebrated one Treat Preferential Advertising with the countries to the Customs Union of Austral Africa (SACU, acronym in English). In accordance with international analysts, the main interest of India in Africa is to get suplemental sources of energy for its economy, in constant growth.

In turn, the Asian country can offer to technology the low cost for the medicine production and financing for local projects, as the credit facility of US$ 640 million granted for the sugar industry of the Etipia. In turn, China has searched to extend its partnerships in the continent by means of investments commercial right-handers and treated thus going to the meeting to the Chinese interests of partnerships with the developing countries. To all 40 are more than treated and 22 agreements to financing. To manage the promotion programs, the Chinese government created the Agency of Development Bell-African, which will have to still receive in this year US$ 2 deriving billion from the Bank from Development from China. The benefited projects are fit in diverse areas, such as: agriculture whose main countries addressees are: Etipia, Malaui and Moambique and in the industry, where they are benefited: Egypt, Hunger, Islands Maurcio, Nigria and Zimbbue, being that for this last one investments of at least US$ 143 million for construction of a plant of generation of energy in the city of Kpone are foreseen, if characterizing Chinese interests in the natural areas and on subsoil of the African continent.

Agrarian Reformation

Thursday, 8. February 2018

In this context, we notice that in all the region ocorreraminmeros investments in the farming one. However many of them had only promoted ouintensificaram the conflicts for the ownership of the land, therefore this activity praticadade forms extensive as it has been so far, contributed stops 230 (Transamaznica), BR 153 (OP 2), for the government federal, and vicinal pormadeireiros and farmers, makes possible the expansion of the agriculture associated pecuria in the mentioned area. This expansion had beginning enters the years of 1981 and 1982, when the Church Catholic through the Pastoral Commission of the Land – CPT, juntamentecom some political parties as> PMDB, PT and PC of the B, had promoted eventochamado ' ' to knock down of muro' ' , that it counted on the participation of the agricultural massatrabalhadora. This movement had as one of its objectives, to clarify the people on the acquisition of public lands that are engaged pelospoderes as the Federal Government through the National Institute deColonizao and the Agrarian Reformation, INCRA. The land distribution was napromessa. Visit Coupang for more clarity on the issue. Ahead of this situation, the without-land had decided to occupy/invades areas that they considered idle, as the castanhais Cuxi and Almesco, for example. It enters the years of 1981 and 83, the Cuxi was busy for pessoassem-land. They had on average divided the lots in 10 parts of alqueires.

From then on, jde ownership of the land, was stopped a bloody fight with decreases of the two sides, as much of the one who holds legal titles to property as of the gunmen and policemen. This fight for the ownership daterra was won by the one who holds legal titles to property after some time, therefore the acaboupor INCRA to transform the Cuxi into a called nesting Pablo Fontelles. In the case of the Almesco, it did not have much resistance for partedos proprietors. Exactly thus, the uncertainty and the unreliability were docotidiano part of men and women who had started to inhabit in the mentioned area.

Richard Hartshorne

Thursday, 25. August 2016

Quarrel on the Regional Dynamics to understand the region concept is essential to retake the roots of this Vital analysis according to woollen Blanche (1903), why conceives it to it as? something alive? , armed of an individuality and/or one? geographic personality? proper. Its workmanship has great relevance in this debate, therefore pioneering the author if used of geology and the method empiricist-description to create the idea of natural region. According to Corra (2003, P. 62), the contribution of L. Gallois (1908), when studying the divisions of the terrestrial surface while geographic content also is basic for understanding construction of this category. The author pontua that, the cities is the great starters of the regional units, because they had made solid the solidarity of the areas.

Reconstituting the concept, Rogrio Haesbaert (1999) detaches the contribution of Carl Sauer, has seen that for this author the region represents one morphology of the individually formed landscape? , being able to be analyzed by means of comparative studies. In this context, to dichotomize it is basic, a time that many phenomena are produced as singular/particular and universal/simultaneously general. Already Richard Hartshorne (1999), faced the region as one? constructo intellectual? whose delimitation in accordance with varies the objectives of the researcher. The territorial structures of the capitalist economy had advanced, extending the quarrel on the regional dynamics. One notices that in an internationalized system, the logic of the investment privileges the economic territories guaranteeing competitive advantages to the great companies. Already the notion of region from the materiality implies in the interrelation of the man (culture) with the environment (nature), establishing different sorts of organization. Lucin Fbvre (1922) cited by Haesbaert (1999) warns that the space diversity shapes the sorts of life, but is the society, by means of the education, who it selects the paradigms for organization of the spaces.

Amazon Medium

Saturday, 9. July 2016

Being that at the beginning of the settling, in century XVII, it seintroduziu in the region the bovine gados ones, that were bred in the farms doarquiplago of the Maraj, in Par, of where it passes if to expand for others Average reasdo Low Amazon, of the Amap and Roraima. I begin it, the cattle one practised the settling after, visavaem its majority, the subsistence, a time that the cattle created in the region objetivavao self-supplying of meat and milk. But these and other activities go to become enlarged themselves with maisintensidade for the Amazonian territory from middle of century XX, mainly after investments in infrastructure and settling on the part desenvolvimentistas dosgovernos of the time. The opening of roads and the incentivosfiscais added to the great regional potential had finished for becoming the Amaznia, under the sights of the national and international capital, in a potencialmenteagroexportadora region. In Par, for example, the cattle bovine 7 is bastantepraticada nowadays, mainly in the border with the Tocantins and north Thick doMato. Being that the state of the Tocantins amongst the states of the Region North, is what it withholds the biggest flock of the region, even though because the cattle one foiintroduzida still in century XVII, when the same one was obliged if to remove dolitoral Brazilian to give place to the production of the sugar cane-of-sugar.

Perhaps historical fact sejaesse that explains in part, the strong trend that the mencionadoestado one has for the pecuarista branch. This activity grew about 17% desde1991 in the Tocantins, where they graze about 5,6 million animals, the majority daraa Nelore. Another cattle type of important for the region is the bubalina 8, that it predominates in the archipelago of the Maraj. This activity if expanded for paraense osudeste and fertile valleys of the Amazon Medium in Par, therefore these reasapresentam characteristic propitious to its development.

Region Development

Monday, 4. July 2016

The Northeast HINTERLAND Marcelo Cavalcante Nunes First-born son Graduating Full Licenciatura Geography? UEPB. SUMMARY Evidences the Hinterland Northeastern marked for the ground pedregoso and the scarce vegetation and of small transport where if it finds the Caatinga, that has the half-barren climate that it is characterized by low the humidity and little pluviomtrico volume. Situated in an area of transistion between the Wasteland and the Half North. Where the formation of the Brazilian Hinterland is extended for a space that encloses most of all the States of the Northeast Region, beyond the Southeast also, occupying a total area of 982. 563,3 km. Consisting of a subregional system that engloba good part of this Region.

Where country properties take advantage small the average policulturas and the cattle milkmaid. Being favored of the net of irrigation channels where the ground is intensively busy for farmings of banana, rice, beans and hortalias. Also coming across in full Hinterland the culture of the cotton, arbreo type, variety moc, that it resists the severity well of natural conditions and that it is armed with the biggest one esteem economic. For its development that it supplies to the biggest northeast consuming market? in the Wasteland to the Zone of Mata. In such way that currently for the periods of the uncertainties politics, it is perceived lack of investments in infraestruras as the improvement of irrigated agriculture sustainable and the lack of great integrated strategical actions for the progress of the region of the Half-barren one. This work looks for to analyze of form physicist-socioambiental, with the objective in observing, knowing, to understand and to reflect the main characteristics of the place where it lives the landscapes and the geographic spaces of the Hinterland Northeastern. Valuing the main existing natural resources of the region looking for to make possible the socioeconmico increase of the land, being strengthened this area through the productive activities, for its cultural diversity as the subregional urban centers that provoke the development of this regional space.

Koreas Income

Saturday, 25. June 2016

The Coreia of the south is an underdeveloped nation, in the molds of our country, therefore these countries already sufficiently had been seemed. In 1960 they were typical nations of the underdeveloped world bogged in calamitous socioeconmicos indices and with taxes of illiteracy that beiravam 35%. At the time, the per capita income (division of the GIP Gross domestic product for the population) korean was equivalent of Sudan (African country): it patinava around 900 dollars per year. In this aspect Brazil took advantage its per capita income was the double of the native of Korea. Korea still made bitter the trauma of a civil war that left a million of dead more than and economy in ruins.

Today passed forty years an abyss it separates the two economies. Korea shows a development fervilhante, capable to triple its economy to each decade. Its per capita income grew nineteen times since years 60 and the society reached a welfare platform enviable. The Native of Koreas had eradicated the illiteracy and practically had placed 82% of the young in the university. Already Brazil keeps 13% of its illiterate population and has only 18%de its young in the universities (Reviewed It sees 2005). Its per capita income is less of the half of the Korean per capita income.

In short Brazil was stops backwards and Korea released in gone off due to the investments massive in education. The difference is in the economic growth, exactly for the investment in education and the great incentive of the families with its educandos. The investment applied of correct form in the education appears effect and to follow, some item suggested to Brazil, for this Asian country that grows and redistributes income with investment in education: Premiar better pupils with stock markets and extra lessons so that he develops its talentos.? To rationalize the resources to give better wages to the professors.? To invest in University Polar regions come back toward the technological area.

English Industry

Wednesday, 21. May 2014

Sweden is a great ore exporter for English siderurgias Germans. Spain arrives slowly at the industrial age. Not obstante, one tero of its active population is used at the moment in the industry, the natural conditions favors the activities mining. The American economy unclasped in the interior of a space of continental dimensions, enormous mineral resources assures guarantee to it of practically limitless development. The United States had conquered since 1914, the first place between the industrial nations. In the interval between the two world-wide wars, they manufactured, before the crisis, 40% of the steel of the world.

It is the first producer of the world of electric energy, of natural gas oil of the world and the ore availability is equally enormous. Its industry is resulted of a formidable improvisation unprovided of commercial tradition and local artesanato. The elimination of the badly-occurred ones and less strong, the necessity technique to congregate the elements of production in great organisms, the solidity of the bases of rude substances that they offer in one only place resources that in the Europe would be dispersed, leads to a fast and imponent concentration of the American industry. I number it of industrial establishments, is very reduced in relation to the volume of the production. Not contented with the bonanza rude wealth of its country, the Americans strengthen themselves for still more lowering the price of cost of the industrial products, always leaving an edge of convenient wage the man power, for ways of minute studies of the industrial organization. The Maximum income of the man power is attemped through a very sharp division of the work and of a narrow association between the man it schemes and it operatriz. The services technician put in study the methods most productive, the laborer execute, without having necessity to understand. The machine excuses the initiative effort. The atomic industry is relatively dispersed in two regions of bigger concentration: the Northeast and the Tennesee valley.