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Friday, 15. August 2014

Are holiday bills shocking truth? Are you hoping that if you ignore your finances long enough, may themselves be fixed? Let’s compare our finances to a garden. If we neglect the garden, the weeds grow and take over. The garden gets so bad that not even want to watch! But with a little maintenance and tending the garden becomes a pleasure. The first step towards creating a happy financial garden is to learn to save. Why bother saving? Before delving into the place often afraid to know the amount of money entering and leaving, we must find a reason to dig deep. You need to know why you want to save mo’ney. Want to own your home, achieve financial independence, get a holiday home on an island? Or just want financial peace which is not worrying about money? Once you get that vision of what you want to accomplish you will have the motivation to examine its finances.

Financial Dream. How much does it cost to fulfill its vision? Resolve some figures, write your estimate. This is your financial goal. When to achieve their financial dreams? 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? Now you know, not just the amount needed when. This tells how much he must save each year to achieve your goal on time. Look at your finances. You can not bury our heads in the sand of the garden of your finances or chopping away with shrubs and weeds the size of the trees. You know what you want when you want and how much to save.

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