First Target Investment

Saturday, 29. November 2014

Biodiesel production plant for CEHATROL is placed on the way Berlin, December 11, 2009. Next month delivered the first production site on the way. With a co-investor, the Berlin-based company invested fuels EC the CEHATROL in a production plant for synthetic diesel fuel. First investment target should be an investment in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania with 7.5 million liters per year overall performance. The commissioning of the first stage of expansion with approximately 3.5 million litres scheduled for second quarter 2010 end, the second stage of development with approximately 4.0 million litres is taken until March 30, 2011 in operation.

The planned investment volume of the company amounted to up to EUR 15 million per site. When a scheduled maturity of 20 years, the company expects dividends by almost eight per cent from 2012. The annual dividends are expected at about 8 percent, rising to 14.75 percent. Members can be from a minimum of 100 euro (plus 10 percent admission) expect a total payout of projected 205 percent. More information do you find under

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