Harald Schonfeld

Sunday, 14. December 2014

Rajapack extended range / trend towards environmentally friendly and individual packaging solutions visible In December again the annual mid-season of unpacking pending: thousands packed attentions change their owner with the aim to give as much pleasure. Companies also distribute gifts to their customers and employees and require a wide range of gift packaging. Rajapack responds to this need with an extended range of gift packaging. So the customers, for example, sided with Christmas motifs, metallic shiny or double-sided printed wrapping paper can choose between. The special, colorful wrapping paper for kids is new to the range at Rajapack. In addition a wide selection of tapes and loops which put the finishing touches to the gift. With the available in many colors, long proven cushioning material in Sizzlepak, the gifts can be not only attractive packaging, but also particularly sensitive products protect.

Easier to use, but just as the bags available in many sizes, shapes and colors and bags, which become a finished package with just a few hand movements are attractive. The elegant lace Organdie bag or the colored lacquer paperbags flashy are fresh on offer here. We want to make with our gift packaging”not only joy when unpacking, Harald Schonfeld, General Director of Raja Pack explains the target. Rather packaging to the hand already itself quickly and easily go and meet modern standards.” Prof. Dr. Christoph Haberle confirms trends in focus that gift packaging are subject to current trends of the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart: straight affect strong trends gift packaging, since they are mostly of temporary limited useful life and represent such Zeitgeist-snapshots. On the one hand, gift wrap to create a surprise by creating interest in the hidden content. On the other hand it is mandatory, to build a sense of value.” What perceived value When looking at a packaging is subjective. Different assessment levels pass through here: factual values such as the processing quality, emotional values such as tactile sense, cultural values like contemporary trends and ethical moral values such as environmental and social responsibility are of concern.

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