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Thursday, 16. May 2019

‘ Everything disc workplace profile ‘ adjusts the questionnaire to the response of respondents. The disc personality profile presents itself in a new guise. Also uses a method in the future when you create the profile, where in the course of the analysis process the questionnaire adapts to the respective respondents, as Julia Voss, Managing Director of the German licensee Voss + partner, Hamburg, stressed. In addition, all handouts have been redesigned. Also the American disc licensor Inscape Publishing Inc. special analysis tools and training materials developed for certain functional groups such as managers and sellers. That’s why the new disc can be used still more targeted.” Has been visually redesigned the disc profile among others, thus to the Central results even faster can capture. In the future, you are represented in a pie chart.

“As far substantial as this rather cosmetic change” Julia Voss however, considers that is henceforth the questionnaire when you create the Disc personality profile which adjusts the response behaviour of the respective respondents. So, automatically supplementary questions get to such individuals who show an inconsistent response behavior, to get even more precise and more accurate statements. This is possible, because today the Persolog questionnaire is usually online filled out. In addition to the new disc, there will be the classic disc in the future. “Therefore the new received a name: everything disc workplace profile”. He want to express, what the new disc primarily serves to increase because the effectiveness and hence the success by people in their profession. “The new disc Inscape and Voss + partner among others at the fair are future personnel” from the 25th to the 27th of September to introduce and explain (Hall 11.3, stand 37). Can interested but also Voss + partner contact (,; Phone: 040/7900767-14).

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