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Saturday, 22. November 2014

Strict code of honour of the investor publishing helps the readers of our financial publications for more safety. Bonn, November 2009. For 13 years, the investor Publisher provides exclusive and profitable first and foremost analysis which not only thoroughly researched, but are especially objective readers. Every type of investor, whether risk-joyful day traders or conservative investor, small shareholder or professional trader, you will find the offer for him in the extensive publishing of investor seminars and exchange letters. The editors are among the best experts in the industry and follow the most stringent code of ethics in finance. We have imposed this code ourselves, because we want to distinguish us from other providers.

Thus we protect our readers at the same time and can offer the best possible service”, publishing Director Sandra Witscher summarizes the key points. Six points which inspire confidence code of investor Publisher of comprehensive six points is a combination of customer service, safety and independence. In detail, these are: The Publisher is not in principle with securities. “This in turn means, that shares and funds with the recommendations not pushed” can be. The Exchange services is completely ad-free. Thus, they are not influenced by banks, funds, financial service providers, or issuers.

The performance of the stock market letter is documented by an independent controlling company. Thus, it is guaranteed that so-called performance numbers have really been achieved. The internal agreements are more stringent than the securities trading act. These strict principles of behavior include, for example, the strict adherence to the rules against insider trading. All suggestions and contributions of the Exchange services will be checked by at least two additional, competent and independent experts. Until they are published. The customer service is taken seriously. Via email service, for example, questions are answered very promptly by the financial experts and editors. You answer to the Exchange services as well as the regular readers Readers meeting or consultation on the telephone all open questions. Who would like to learn more about the Publisher, the range and the experts, can find out more on the Internet at. Press contact: Oliver KuSTER investor publishing, a division of FID Verlag GmbH, Koblenz road 99, 53177 Bonn phone: 02 28 / 8205 7718 fax: 02 28 / 8205 5756 Internet: E-Mail: background facts: the investor Publisher ( with seat in Bonn Bad Godesberg is a specialist publisher of financial information services with currently 45 regularly appearing publications. The offer aimed primarily at individuals and includes print publications, E-Mail services, as well as free E-Mail newsletter with financial and stock market information.

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