Investment Haftungsfallen

Thursday, 8. May 2014

‘Come to the advisers responsible times’, says Andreas Greiling, at the Fund initiator United investors responsible for the first Fund of funds ‘ the kind of investment portfolio 1’. Hamburg, 02.08.2012. Because in addition to the usual disclosure about the opportunities and risks of an investment they would enter into in the future even more than previously on the goals and desires of customers and this document accordingly. In doubt”, so Greiling, shall be construed that you always to the detriment of, because the customer can usually not even decide what he wants, he relies on getting an offer so appropriate requirements.” Not so with the first Portfolio Fund of the Hamburg-based emission House. Here is the big advantage is that the customers free can choose six asset classes in the segment of the closed-end funds and three direct investments in real estate, renewable energy and transport/logistics together with its advisers after own discretion, experience and knowledge of and set their own priorities.

This allows a comfortable situation for investment advisors. Because they can in their consulting documentation hold on what they have agreed in the conversation with the customer and why. A special advantage is the kind of investment the extremely favourable cost structure of the Fund. All target funds be purchased without any premium or other charges. The investment rate is therefore 100 per cent and possible refunds will be credited without deduction of investment company. The management keeps the current remuneration also low here and participates in a fair profit sharing.

“With the kind of investment portfolio 1′ we have created an investment offer, the both entrants in this market provides a good starting point but also professional investors”, Greiling says. Now, clearly, that this Fund is suitable to be used in the context of occupational pensions to back cover. A participation is possible already at 5,000 euros plus five per cent premium. In the planned Period of about eleven years annual yields between five and seven percent should be generated.

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