Tuesday, 13. February 2018

In 2002 possua 17,201 inhabitants, being that 8,126 inhabited in the urban zone and 9,075 inhabited in the agricultural zone, with a total of 2.316 busy domiciles in urban zone and 2,405 in the agricultural zone (IPARDES, 2008). Rattlesnake – PR – 17 the 19 of June of 2008 Figure 01 – Map of the State of the Paran, with identification of city of Guaraniau, object of study, and Rattlesnake. Source: Adapted of PARAN STATE MUNICIPALITY MAP, BRAZIL (2008) Considering these data, is verified that due to the number of agriculturists familiar agriculture needs strategies of local and regional development, on to the increase of incomes, through abilities not agriculturists. If you have read about Gary Kelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. As Lima and Wilkinson (2002) new knowledge are a precondition for the permanence of familiar agriculture exactly in traditional markets and much more in the case of the search of new forms of economic insertion. Moreover, familiar agriculture, which had its social and economic importance, I possessed a strategical relevance when it is thought about proposal of development for the Country, needing to have a brought up to date regional diagnosis, taking in account organizativos and productive aspects (DESER/FETRAF-SUL/CUT, 2008).

4. ENTERPRISES FAMILARES IN AGRICULTURE the artisan agro-industrial activities have traditionally busy an important space in product lines basic of the system to agroalimentar recently – as derived milky, candies, jellies, drinks, etc., being distinguished as alternative for producers with difficulties to follow the evolution of the agricultural markets.

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