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We use diverse authors specialists in the area in study, as: Kotler, Chiavenato, Snake, Hooley, Gordon etc. Whenever Verizon Communications listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The work has the following structure: concept, description and evolution of the marketing; marketing of relationship and its strategies; definition of customer and its satisfaction. Additional information is available at Cyrus Massoumi humbition. After that a questionnaire for the customers of the GAC was made FRUITS to reach the objectives, and soon after we carry through an in agreement quarrel the gotten results, for after that carrying through an intervention proposal. This proposal brings new reflections on the marketing of the relationship, focusing: customers, fidelizao and new routes of the marketing for the enterprise success. In this context, the relationship marketing assumes this mission of changes in the organizations in the generality. 2 2,1 OBJECTIVES GENERAL OBJECTIVE? To verify and to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of the customers of the GAC Fruits in relation to the given services.

2.2 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES? To identify to the profile of the customers of the GAC FRUITS; To diagnosis the level of satisfaction of the customers in the attendance; To analyze the main factors that stimulate or discourage the customers of the GAC FRUITS; To verify which the degree of fidelizao of the customers of the GAC FRUITS. 3 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION In this I capitulate we approach the organization, concept and evolution of the marketing, what it is and which the importance of the relationship marketing and the satisfaction of the customer as referencial for its fidelizao. 3,1 Organization By means of studies made for the science that studies the man, was verified throughout the time who this is a ready being, in the context of the organizacional theory and that it can compromise directly or indirectly the survival of the organizations. For chiavenato (2000, P. 444) ' ' the organization is the coordination of different activities of individual contributors with the purpose to effect transactions planned with ambiente' '.

A Large Income

Wednesday, 16. May 2018

YOU CAN INSIDE BE RICH OF the INCOME THAT SHE POSSESSS does not matter how much of income that a person receives, the important one is as the person manages what she earns. Many people will say, but the more profit more expense. Therefore I do not go to work to gain more. What she does not leave of being truth. Also those exist that possess an income very low, but that almost never they are if complaining for being become indebted. view. It is clearly that these two types of people present different characteristics extremely.

The ones that gains more and always spends more present the characteristics in common: – they buy the stated period generally (in many parcels), above of 3. Soon they pay more interests. – The pleasures Adore immediate and are depressed a little be time later (they buy suprfulos) that soon they will be discarded. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bernard Golden . – the measure that gains more increases its consumptions, not its investments. They accumulate debts. Not investments (that it will make to it to generate future income). As the type of people is in the wage-earning classrooms or the millionaire. – They buy the sight.

– They parcel out up to 3 times negotiating for the payment sight. – When the purchases go take a list. – Between two or three products of similar quality purchase more cheap. The ones that almost never complains to be become indebted are asked at least three times: necessary of this merchandise today, it is essential or suprfula. If I not to buy now, can live without it until the month that comes. Or he is dispensable for the moment. Inside of these characteristics. In which I incase myself. Many times are not how much how much you earn that she will make the difference, but how much you spend.


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In 2002 possua 17,201 inhabitants, being that 8,126 inhabited in the urban zone and 9,075 inhabited in the agricultural zone, with a total of 2.316 busy domiciles in urban zone and 2,405 in the agricultural zone (IPARDES, 2008). Rattlesnake – PR – 17 the 19 of June of 2008 Figure 01 – Map of the State of the Paran, with identification of city of Guaraniau, object of study, and Rattlesnake. Source: Adapted of PARAN STATE MUNICIPALITY MAP, BRAZIL (2008) Considering these data, is verified that due to the number of agriculturists familiar agriculture needs strategies of local and regional development, on to the increase of incomes, through abilities not agriculturists. If you have read about Gary Kelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. As Lima and Wilkinson (2002) new knowledge are a precondition for the permanence of familiar agriculture exactly in traditional markets and much more in the case of the search of new forms of economic insertion. Moreover, familiar agriculture, which had its social and economic importance, I possessed a strategical relevance when it is thought about proposal of development for the Country, needing to have a brought up to date regional diagnosis, taking in account organizativos and productive aspects (DESER/FETRAF-SUL/CUT, 2008).

4. ENTERPRISES FAMILARES IN AGRICULTURE the artisan agro-industrial activities have traditionally busy an important space in product lines basic of the system to agroalimentar recently – as derived milky, candies, jellies, drinks, etc., being distinguished as alternative for producers with difficulties to follow the evolution of the agricultural markets.

The Transaction

Wednesday, 25. November 2015

Being the salesman and the purchaser of the same branch, theoretically both will be understood better; therefore, to announce themselves and to identify themselves the same as integrant of group of the other can, or not, to be more convenient. A trader if communicates better with another trader, this is certain. Therefore, he is allowed to assume that the transaction of purchase it will be finished with more rapidity and/or satisfaction between the parts. On the other hand, if you are doctor, and will be buying a hardware store, something you are detached there, therefore hardly both the parts will be able to be understood in some degree of razoabilidade. Before you answering & ldquo; sim& rdquo; , she is necessary to reflect regarding its implications. On the other hand, to answer & ldquo; no& rdquo; it can be an interesting exit. The book approaches as if to ahead locate of these two options.

Presentation of the initial numbers of the business Normally, the guideline of the meeting will be established in two questions: . value of the sales; b. financial movement of the company: invoicing, expenditures and profit of the operations. Of any form, it gives attention to the supplied numbers, takes note, it makes many interrogations sufficiently, at last, goes deep. The ideal, and independently of the form as these information had been passed to it, is to present its proper ones questionings, notadamente in the relative question to the financial aspects. Therefore, this is the recommendation number two: before the meeting, it prepares its list of questions on the numbers of the business. One asks must immediately be made: how it was arrived at this value of sales? Which the used criterion? It is important to understand well this question. Later, you will collate the logic used for the selling side with the method that you will use.

The book deals with this in a specific chapter, therefore the subject requires a bigger development. Supply of information Is understandable that, in the initial contacts between a person interested in buying a company with the owner, who desires to vender it, this not disponibilize the information in details, as desired for that one. It is permissible that, in this first instant, this can be acceptable, that is, that it does not have answers to the interrogations immediately ece of fishes to the table. However, it is waited that the salesman reveals disposal how much to take care of the requests, to answer the doubts, and to clarify obscure points of the business. From there, we evaluate if it is enough to wait the supply of the answers, if we must contenting in them with generic numbers, and believing them, or if she is necessary to infer that & ldquo; it has something that the other does not want abrir& rdquo;. If not to receive the data requested, or will have delay in receiving them, two questions if they evidence: & bull; the owner of the company does not have the minimum idea of its proper business; & bull; or he wants to hide something. Inside of this perception, it is necessary to above apply different strategies for each one of the alternatives, what enough he is clarified in our book. In article of same heading – part 2 – we will go to give continuity to this topic.

Police Organization

Monday, 12. October 2015

This article presents the main results of a research applied in twenty and three policemen of the operational and administrative service, crowded in the headquarters of 4 Squad of the Military Policy in Jaguaruna, in order to observe as it walks the quality of life in the work of these individuals. The data of the research had been collected by means of questionnaires and an interview. The general objective of the article was to observe if the excess of police service has direct relation with low the quality of life of the policemen, and the specific objectives are to mensurar the satisfaction degree how much to: environment of work, educative actions, professional benefits, security and perspectives. The result that if can infer of this research is that, in general way it has a great insatisfao with the remuneration and that the interviewed ones through the questionnaires, search to compensate this dissatisfaction making overtime, and, in the ncia of complementing its wages, these policemen finish emotionally if estressando physicist and, causing removals of the work..

Federal Taxes

Saturday, 10. October 2015

It is an obligation imposed for the State to the individuals and the legal people. Al of this exerts to be able transforming becoming the money collected in improvements and social services (Schools, hospitals, etc.). The tributes are divided in five groups: Taxes, Taxes, obligatory Special asessments, Loans and Contributions Special. 1.6.1. Taxes Tax are collected by the State (governments municipal, state and federal) and serve to defray the public expenses with health, security, education, transport, culture, payments of wages of public officers, etc. The money collected with taxes also is used for investments in public works (hospitals, highways, hydroelectric plants, ports, university, etc).They are happened on the income and the patrimony of the physical and legal people. The collection of the taxes not to occur in exclusive way, that is, these credits Been it can be applied in any product or service in which it must duly be approved by the legislative one, through budget.

In Brazil the concentration of tribute surpasses 36% of PIB (Produto Interno Bruto), being one of the most raised tax burdens of the world. The taxes are many that make this edge to grow and to beat to some records of collection all year. They are: Federal – TO GO (Income tax) – Income tax of any nature. In the case of wages, this tax is deducted direct in the source. – IPI – Tax on Industrialized Products.

– IOF – Tax on Financial Operations (Credit, Operations of relative Exchange and Insurance or the Movable Headings or Values). – ITR – Agricultural Territorial tax (applied in country properties). – INSS – National institute of Social Insurance State – ICMS – Tax on Circulation of Merchandises and Services.

Twister Proprietors

Thursday, 8. October 2015

After a long and arduous work in my search, I arrived at the conclusion that stops we who we tan motions that already do not make more part of the lines of production of the assembly plants (0ff-line or discontinued), arrives to be one & ldquo; penitncia& rdquo;. looks at that nor I am mentioning itself to those antiguidades of collectors, therefore believes that for these proprietors the spare search for original parts and accessories arrives to be a therapy, a time that possess these machines for pure pleasure, by the way, must be an excellent pastime. I mention myself to the motorcycles 0ff-line that still are in full functioning and that they very take care of well to the use necessities many daily times of its proprietors. I am thinking the difficult quo must be its proprietors to find parts for its Mobiletes for example. Difficulty that does not have to be lesser to obtain parts spare and accessories for a motion XL 250 (that still we find many twirling for there), to who to appeal, for example, in the case of a reverse speed-painting where if it has the necessity of substitution of an adhesive kit of this XL 250.

I am not here wanting to express a claim, therefore she was trader of these products, also would not keep them in supply, knowing that they are of considerable aggregate value and of one baixssimo funny. It is clearly that it would go to focar my availability of supply in products that vendem more, as parts for Twister, To make and other motions that we see & ldquo; pencas& rdquo; twirling for there. By the way, as to demand of the commerce the maintenance of these supplies when, (if I will not be deceived) even though the assembly plants have an obligation to only keep supply of parts with paintings per 5 years and excessively per 10 years.


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In it analyzes of the management of the logistic costs, you vary particularitities must be analyzed, therefore to reduce the cost of an isolated activity does not result, necessarily, in the reduction of the total cost. Exemplificando: To concentrate products in a COMPACT DISC will reduce costs of inventories and storage, but it will be able to increase the transport costs. In the attainment of the competitive advantage, these factors can be on to the analysis of the total cost, that considers all the factors affected for the effect of a decision taking and focuses the otimizao of the costs of the logistic components. The main objective of the management of costs is to create strategies that reduce costs and provide the efficient integration of the departments of the company, focando competitive prices for the sales of the product. In this direction Guilhoto and Milone (2001) they point out in the market, the company can choose for carrying through its sales directly to the final user or using an intermediary, using to advantage the maximum of chances that the market provides, to enter in new niches of markets, or to transfer responsibilities to the canals, however so that this occurs it is necessary that the company mount a distribution system that takes care of to objectives. The logistic cost, when analyzed in its totality, requires to understand the context inserted, therefore according to ASLOG the logistic cost means of 15 16% of the total cost of the products in Brazil, being able to arrive at 30% in some companies. In developed countries the average is of 9 the 10%. An efficiently analyzed, interpreted and lead time, the management of logistic costs is resulted in the performance, that provides to the organization the competitive differential, directing action for improvement in the results of the following item:? Capacity of reply the demands of the customers? Lead teamses reduced, Better levels of service to the customers.? Product quality and services? Relationship of partnerships with customers and suppliers.? Speed, quality and timing of the innovation in the products? Products and services brought to the market more quickly.? Effectiveness of the production costs and use of the capital? Processes of the simple, effective and efficient chain, to become source of competitive advantage.? Performance profitability in the long run? Reduction of cost I eliminate and greater profit.

Ernoy Mattiello True

Friday, 18. May 2012

A true demonstration of race and determination in III the National Festival of Cinema and Agricultural Video of Piratuba. The force of a true young of the field, ally to the talent and the devotion the cinematographic production had been decisive for the conquest of the photograph prize better. To become finalista in the festival, Memorable Train of Iron competed with others 147 films, was selected together with others 8 sets of documents for the final stage, winning the category best photograph enters 16 finalistas between etnogrficos and fiction. A singular way for a workmanship that by itself already can be considered a cinematographic trophy when rescuing the history of the main Brazilian railroad: The So Paulo Rio Grande. Proving the ruralista nature and the look adventurer despertado for the Saga of regional settling, Memorable Train of Iron presents forts linkings with thematic the agricultural one in details that go very beyond what it is possible to see in the great screen.

The recorded film in four states of the country, is one true trip for the world to the vapor, relembrando a time that the country followed the way of the iron tracks, where the train was main the half one of transport. Scenes of homesicknesses and souvenirs mixed to modernity are gifts in this workmanship that rescues the history of one of the most audacious enterprises of world-wide the railroad construction; the So Paulo Railroad? Rio Grande. Inaugurated in October of 1910, for the Brazil Railway Company, company of the conglomerate Farquhar, the railroad that motivated the War of the Contested and consequent povoamento of the region, it completed one hundred years in complete caus and abandonment. The marcante story of the railroad epic of the Contested one presents one another attribute differentiates which it of the majority of the productions of the national cinema: Memorable Train of Iron is a film idealized and conceived for a young of roa, son of agriculturists. Natural of Zonalta, community of the interior of Piratuba, Ernoy Mattiello are formed in journalism for the UniRG of the Tocantins. It initiated the career in the radio to the 14 years of age. In 2.000 it started to act as televising and documentarista reporter. Grandson of gauchos, who had arrived of train in 1935 to colonize Santa Catarina, cineasta has as the one of the great passions historical research and the documentary production of the regional culture.

Producer of 14 institucional and documentary workmanships being, gained prominence with Heimatland and the History of the Kerb (2009), shown national and also in Latin America. As corresponding of the Record Net in it YOU ARE, already it was some times in national net, but never it hid the dream to make cinema. Of easy and very falante smile, it demonstrated since infancy inclinations for the artistic and comunicacional world. It changed roa for the radio, but it was in the cinema that obtained space to show to Brazil its true talent: To disclose to the lenses the value and the courage of its people through memorable images.

The Nets

Sunday, 29. April 2012

The partnership is essential for the promotion of the support of a community, according to Capra (1996, P. 234) ' ' the partnership? the trend to form associations, to establish linkings, to live inside of another organism and to cooperate? he is one of ' ' certifyd of qualidade' ' of vida' '. complements: ' ' in the communities human beings, partnership means democracy and personal power, therefore each member of the community plays a role importante' '. The quality of the relations between the people, between the social actors is the direcionador axle for the success of sustainable communities, therefore each actor is important and represents a link that depends on the other link, in a constant interdependence. Capra (1996, P. 231-232) affirms that ' ' all the members of an ecological community are linked in a vast and intricate net of relations, the teia of vida' '. This interdependence between the members estimates that ' ' the success of the community all depends on the success of each one of its membros' '.

The nets, then, are born in virtue of the necessities not satisfied human beings, estimate the existence of a desire shared for some actors, however not yet materialize, what it takes people and organizations to affirm common intentions, cooperating between itself and weaveeing bows and respect reliable. It can still be a problem, a time that the same necessity that leads to the creation of a net is not enough to support it. In other words, the necessity is source of the conjugao of interests, but its prompt or momentnea satisfaction can consist in an obstacle for the perenizao of the nets, on account of the prevalence of the individual interests. Therefore it is that it is said to be necessary to surpass the established hegemonic standards in the individualism, in the scarcity and in covets, because the fear of the scarcity leads to covets, that it leads to the fear in cooperating.