Police Organization

Monday, 12. October 2015

This article presents the main results of a research applied in twenty and three policemen of the operational and administrative service, crowded in the headquarters of 4 Squad of the Military Policy in Jaguaruna, in order to observe as it walks the quality of life in the work of these individuals. The data of the research had been collected by means of questionnaires and an interview. The general objective of the article was to observe if the excess of police service has direct relation with low the quality of life of the policemen, and the specific objectives are to mensurar the satisfaction degree how much to: environment of work, educative actions, professional benefits, security and perspectives. The result that if can infer of this research is that, in general way it has a great insatisfao with the remuneration and that the interviewed ones through the questionnaires, search to compensate this dissatisfaction making overtime, and, in the ncia of complementing its wages, these policemen finish emotionally if estressando physicist and, causing removals of the work..

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