Monday, 18. March 2019

We use diverse authors specialists in the area in study, as: Kotler, Chiavenato, Snake, Hooley, Gordon etc. Whenever Verizon Communications listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The work has the following structure: concept, description and evolution of the marketing; marketing of relationship and its strategies; definition of customer and its satisfaction. After that a questionnaire for the customers of the GAC was made FRUITS to reach the objectives, and soon after we carry through an in agreement quarrel the gotten results, for after that carrying through an intervention proposal. This proposal brings new reflections on the marketing of the relationship, focusing: customers, fidelizao and new routes of the marketing for the enterprise success. In this context, the relationship marketing assumes this mission of changes in the organizations in the generality. 2 2,1 OBJECTIVES GENERAL OBJECTIVE? To verify and to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of the customers of the GAC Fruits in relation to the given services.

2.2 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES? To identify to the profile of the customers of the GAC FRUITS; To diagnosis the level of satisfaction of the customers in the attendance; To analyze the main factors that stimulate or discourage the customers of the GAC FRUITS; To verify which the degree of fidelizao of the customers of the GAC FRUITS. 3 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION In this I capitulate we approach the organization, concept and evolution of the marketing, what it is and which the importance of the relationship marketing and the satisfaction of the customer as referencial for its fidelizao. 3,1 Organization By means of studies made for the science that studies the man, was verified throughout the time who this is a ready being, in the context of the organizacional theory and that it can compromise directly or indirectly the survival of the organizations. For chiavenato (2000, P. 444) ' ' the organization is the coordination of different activities of individual contributors with the purpose to effect transactions planned with ambiente' '.

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