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Sunday, 11. March 2018

London is a quite expensive city. Sometimes we deprived ourselves to go to certain places for want of budget, and we have when it, this it is possible to be finished quite fast in that city. Nevertheless, there are ways to pass it entretenidamente that they do not require of a great sacrifice for our pocket. Additional information is available at Coupang. Besides already classic London Big Horseradish tree, there are many interesting sites. Next, we are going to indicate some places that you can go to visit in London without spending money. 1) Museums.

One can find different types from museums in London: of dental history, anthropology, museums, museums of archaeology, museums of plants, animal, etc. These are some entertained museums that you can visit: – Museum of Natural History – Museum of London – British Museum – Museum Victoria and Albert Of course, are others. In the following list of museums I have also placed the meter nearest the respective museums: Bank of England, Bank Dental British Association Museum, Bond Street The British Library, King” s Cross Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham The Clowns Gallery and Museum, Haggerston Houses of Parliament, Westminster The Library and Museum of Freemasonry, Covent Garden House Mansion, Bank Museum of Fulham Palace, Fulham Museum of Garden History, Lambeth Palace Road National Archives, Kew national Museum of Ejercito, Chelsea national Museum of Navy, Greenwich Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, Euston Square Royal Academy of Music, York Gate Collections, Marylebone Royal Air Force Museum Hendon, Colindale Royal Museum Hospital, Chelsea Royal London Hospital You file and Museum, Whitechapel Sainsbury African Galleries, British Museum, Holborn Science Museum, South Kensington Theatre Museum, Covent Garden Wallace Collection, Marylebone 2) Galleries. The amount of galleries in London also is great. These are some that you can visit: – National Gallery – Tate Britain – Serpentine Gallery These are other interesting and gratuitous galleries in London. The near neighbourhoods or meters are in italicas letters Association of Photographers Gallery, Old Street Britart Showroom, Commercial Street, Algate East Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road The College Art Collection, University College Crafts Council, Pentonville Road Kenwood House, Hampstead National Gallery, Trafalgar Square National Portrait Gallery, Leicester Square Late Night AT the National Portrait Gallery London International Gallery of Children” s Art, Finchley Road Mashed Potato Gallery, Deptford Peter Pan Gallery, Great Ormond Street The Royal Hospital AT Chelsea, Chelsea Sesame Art, Islington Special Photographers” Company, Notting Hill Gate Tate Modern, Southwark Tate Modern Annoys View (F & The Sat, 10pm), Southwark Wallace Collection, Marylebone Whitechapel Art Gallery, Whitechapel 3) Music/Concerts. In London there are places where they realise concerts of gratuitous way.

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