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Wednesday, 18. November 2015

To determine the value of any business, the administrator must take adequate decisions of investments (application of resources) and of financing (captation of resources). Good investments add value to the business, in the same way that an adequate captation of resources. The administrator can finance its business through two sources: by means of proper capital (capital of the partners) and of capital of third (capital of creditors). These decisions aim at to maximize the value of the company. Then, who if benefits of the value of the business? The shareholder? The employee? He can yourself be said that two great business-oriented forms of management in terms of focus of value aggregation exist. The American form to make businesses can be seen as more objective, searching the maximizao of value for the shareholder. After all, they are capitalist them of business and one of the main participants of the risk of the business. Of similar form, the European form of management if worries in maximizing value for all the related parts of the company, also known as stakeholders.

This conceptual differentiation serves to reflect on the possibility of if reaching the two objectives, considering that these two economic regions are sufficiently prosperous economically saying. Although to have different focos, in the deep a concern she is accurately the same one. If on the other hand, the company European, with a more social concern is to search the perception of maximizao of the business for the employees for example, on the other hand it necessarily also is searching the maximizao of value for the shareholders. We can affirm that To maximize value is to become the biggest possible value the business, and alone it can be made if to converge the interests of all the parts related with the company, such as: shareholders, creditors, administration, employees, suppliers, customers, etc. Therefore, for the effect of this program, we will consider as objective of the administrator To maximize the value of the company for the shareholder, since theoretically we will be searching accomplishment of the biggest possible value for excessively stakeholders. We can defnir the 0 variable for determination of the value of the company as being the center called VALUE and below DECISIONS INVESTMENTS AND FINANCINGS and on the other hand STAKEHOLDERS x STAKEHOLDERS. Moreover, one of the excellent decisions for the administrator is related the distribution of the results of these investments. For the shareholders, the decision of distribution of the shares is excellent, that is, to define how much of the results of the company it will have to be reinvested in the business and how much it will have to be distributed under the form of shares, this is one of the 0 variable that the administrator must manage to maximize the value of the company.

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