Microenterprise Development

Monday, 13. February 2017

Organized by AEMME and Madrid technology. On 24 March the multisectoral Spanish Association of micro-enterprises (AEMME) alongside Madrid technology of the city of Madrid, organized the day: ICT s, key to the development of the microenterprise. Markarte was invited to participate by contributing active member AEMME and as a successful case of the use of new technologies in a small business. The case of Markarte is certainly singular, since being a micro-enterprise has been able to rely on tools, applications, and technology strategies that allow you to not only your needs, but the needs that, in marketing and communication, have companies (from multinationals and large companies to small businesses, micro-businesses, self-employed and liberal professionals). Involvement, adaptability and flexibility to each situation in the market, has allowed them to that, since 2004, they are a benchmark in Spanish micro and SMEs. Its agility in the execution of any action has also allowed to the partner agency of multinationals and large companies that need fast services on numerous occasions.

His character of small business, his approach to the customer, his traditional willingness of support and trust to its customers and its great experience in the sector, are added values of quality in all its services.As proof of this, and his socia-fundadora, Pilar Esteban commented on the day, the movement is shown walking, he offered the possibility that all attendees for 3 consecutive months prove its exclusive and specialized communication of presence of prestige Online service at the price of a single month, guaranteeing the results of online visibility in this reduced period of time. In the course of its participation, Pilar Esteban pointed out that collaboration between SMEs and micro-enterprises is vital to keep us in the market and able to continue offering services for innovation and specialisation with the quality our clients deserve and also get his loyalty. Pilar Esteban has participated during the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 in different plans of the community of Madrid next to the IMADE supporting and educating Madrid SMEs in the use of ICT s obtaining well a deep understanding of the current situation of this sector.

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