Multiple Allergies

Sunday, 23. June 2019

The skin Center of Wiesbaden informs under the direction of Dr. med. Peter Broichmann informed allergic diseases are unhindered the encroachment and hamper the lives of many millions of people every day. Potential disease consequences range from an annoying runny nose and watery eyes to the fatal anaphylactic shock. As a specialist for allergies and skin diseases of any kind, it is the Wiesbaden dermatologist Dr. Broichmann a personal concern, to relieve the suffering of his allergy-ridden patients. In particular, it is to warn against the risks of multiple allergies.

Act substances for a human allergen, cannot be ruled out that other substances have corresponding effects. In the course of scientific investigations, Dr. Broichmann noted that multiple allergies caused in the area of plant food, plant pollen, insecticides and shellfish by a single, particularly effective antigen, that sensitizes the allergy-free at the same time against a variety of different allergens. These Knowledge facilitates the identification of allergies as well as the preventive consultation of the patient. An Antigen can be detected, which causes multiple allergies, it is possible to predict which substances with a potential of disease for the patient are connected.

Advice makes it easier for the allergy-free, to avoid the allergens problematic for him. In drug development, the knowledge of influential antigens opens up new possibilities for establishing effective allergies which serve the health of allergy sufferers through the Elimination of a single Antigen. To the details of the scientific study of Dr. Broichmanns was on his, the article referenced attached, study. Skin Center Wiesbaden press information contact: Dr. Please visit Verizon Communications if you seek more information. med. Peter Broichmann Kirchgasse 42-44 65183 Wiesbaden phone: (0611) 305110 website: E-Mail:

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