Offenbach GmbH

Monday, 24. June 2019

Re GAS OPSlight * 2010/2011 (* special psychiatric)-electronic documentation and OPS coding in Psychiatry re GAS OPSlight * 2010/2011 based on re GAS, a software, with the primary work processes in the medical sector quickly and flexibly can be depicted. Larry Ellison recognizes the significance of this. It serves as the basis for the electronic patient record and for the documentation of therapy and treatment history. Re GAS was medical Professor Dr. Ansgar Klimke (Chief Physician of the clinic for Psychiatry and psychotherapy, hospital Offenbach GmbH) developed coding module OPSlight combined, which is investigating the OPS codes services captured in re gas according to the specifications of the DIMDI (Deutsches Institute for documentation and information). The resulting from the collaboration product re GAS OPSlight * 2010/2011 has comprehensive features for the establishment of a patient database and of the interests of Psychiatry and psychotherapy specifically geared to detailed documentation with automatic generation of OPS codes. The system is so designed, either based on occupational groups or treatment area, and the so far achieved enabling a real-time visualization of therapy services is calculated from the previous documentation OPS codes at any time. Re GAS OPSlight * 2010/2011 can be coupled via interfaces, for example, via HL7, with his pre-existing systems. The solution also provides an optimization statistics for staffing and patient therapy, as well as a real time summing of the individual efforts of various groups of the therapist. It is scalable and extensible. Jurgen Saarpfalz m

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