Pope Benedicto

Wednesday, 12. February 2014

In the speech that Pope Benedicto XVI did not read completely during the vigil with youth for WYD denounced the relativism that despises the search for truth and in it called to the guys having no fear of the world, to the future or to their weaknesses. The Pontiff reiterated once again the indissolubility of marriage, stating that the single is between a man and a woman. The Bishop of Rome had to interrupt his speech in second paragraph due to the fall on the Cuatro Vientos airbase. When cleared, half an hour later, he continued with the reading of the text, but only the part of greetings in different languages. The spokesman for the Vatican, Federico Lombardi, said that it was to read the entire text, while he said that the Pope had shown his admiration for young Spaniards, that while it was raining to seas and resulted in a strong Gale does not let animate the Pontiff and sing. In the part that didn’t read, Benedicto XVI asserted that faith is not opposed to the ideals higher, on the contrary it exalts them and perfected, invited young people to not settle for less than the truth and love, do not be conformed with less than Christ.

Precisely, now in which the dominant relativistic culture resigns despises the pursuit of truth, which is the highest aspiration of the human spirit, we propose with courage and humility the universal value of Christ as the Savior of all men and source of hope for our lives, said the Pope. Riada Pilgrim and sweltering heat despite the sweltering heat, the flood of thousands of pilgrims has maintained relentless towards Cuatro Vientos to attend this Saturday to the eve of world youth day (WYD) and the closing of this Sunday Eucharist. While the Cuatro Vientos Metro station remains closed, the Spanish aviation was a tingling of persons who are directed to the aerodrome, cooled in part by buckets and jugs of water that residents of the area throw them from Windows and balconies.

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