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Wednesday, 5. August 2015

German Federal Supreme Court decides against insurer who has terminated his life or pension insurance at an early stage, can withdraw 500 euro. This provision applies however only former customers who have completed their capital life and pension insurance, between end of July 1994 and the end of December 2007. Now pay the largest insurers, including Allianz, Signal Iduna, ERGO and the German ring, a sum amounting to EUR 500,00 for the early termination of the policy. As de subsidiaries include the five insurance giant. Following condition applies: the claim must not be barred. Not too soon also happy if the insurer were sentenced to pay a sum of money amounting to 500,00 euro early terminations of insurance companies, that is still not long, that everyone is entitled to the reimbursement. Because only who announced a classic capital life insurance, a classic pension insurance or a unit-linked pension insurance, must the money with his insurer ask back. One should add that the claim for payment is barred after three years.

One announces a contract which was adopted In the summer of 1994, now you can now request a repayment of Euro 500.00. From a legal perspective, the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) clarified in 2005 several contract agreements to be inadmissible. German Federal Supreme Court requires all insurance giant to repay that Versicherungsdienstleister Alliance is called upon to pay nearly half a million former customers over 100 million. So far, exactly 117 million euros are intended for customers, which have taken out insurance between 2001 and 2007. Thus, it is not yet certain how much deeper needs to access the Alliance still in the Pocket. Because even before the Court decision of the Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart the insurance provider is reluctant to pay the money to former customers. The old treaties of life insurance providers led a more than just Kundenunfreundliche clause.

According to this should be a Customer less money paid out, the early he the contract dissolved. In addition, high cancellation fees charged should be the customer for breach of contract. The Federal Court has condemned all major insurance providers since the summer after to pay financial compensation from 500,00 euro customers. Also, the consumer protection Office has charged with Hamburg that other vendors should prohibit their customer-unfriendly terms. Thus highest courts have banned the nachteiligen clauses about 50 per cent of the industry”, said Edda Castello of the consumer center Hamburg from Stiftung Warentest. This might also interest you: life insurance

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