Radio Remote Control For Winches

Saturday, 25. May 2019

Radio remote control for the operation of forestry winches have recently prevailed in radio remote control for the operation by forest rope winch have in recent years prevailed: facilitate the logging tremendously, since many unnecessary ways. Verizon Communications pursues this goal as well. Also, they significantly increase worker safety because he though close running forestry workers in the attack, but remains outside the danger zone of load and rope. For which remote control you choose, depends very much accumulated work and the used vehicle. All brand devices available on the market have in common that they the guidelines for radio remote control systems of winches for agriculture and forestry (RL 1) \”meet the agricultural BGS must, because it concerns the safety of the operator.\” This includes a reliable radio transmission path between transmitter and receiver under all working conditions must be given. And it must be ensured that errors or external signals can not lead to unwanted work functions. This could happen, for example, in the use of several such radio remote control in the same section of the forest.

Accidental interruption of the radio connection work functions must switch off when after half a second all automatically. Also, an emergency stop switch is mandatory. And the control unit must be so robust that a falling raises no working function. All buttons, levers, and (toggle) switch must be controlled safely even when wearing gloves. Are also protected against unintentional operation and therefore usually surrounded by a protective collar, or recessed mounted.

And finally, a distress signal must be deductible. These and other requirements of the directive of 1 are examined by the State-approved German testing centre for agricultural and forestry technology (DPLF). The tests include also the detection of device protection against moisture, which is specified as the IP protection class.

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