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Friday, 31. May 2019

in the vicinity of Frankfurt and Hanau blasting are indispensable from the craft, metal processing, the body shop or the furniture restoration. The cleaning and restoration of buildings, monuments, or also channel systems has become through the various beam techniques and medium much easier and less expensive. As a precursor to successful painting, blasting are irreplaceable. When it comes to refine surfaces, paint ready to prepare blanks and components for further processing or a stair railing or fender, you can’t get around to blasting. What began with the desire to clean surfaces and some sand, is today a small science in itself.

The line M GmbH dominates also this science and provides it you like. Ripple will undoubtedly add to your understanding. For further information and the one or the other answer to questions about this complex topic, see lm-sandstrahlen.de. We offer corundum, corundum and glass bead blasting for steel and stainless steel. Conveniently located near Hanau and Frankfurt map the A45, our two large cabins offer plenty of room for almost any project. Craftsmen, steel and machine building enterprises are welcome as well as paint shops or private individuals. If you have questions or want to get a quote submit, call on us! Line M – sandblasting Industriestrasse 8 63647 Altenstadt Tel.: 06047 – 97 12 0

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